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1 Peters Chemical Sell calcium
Sell calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide, lime, limestone, calcium clhoride, ice melters, airport deicers, urea, potassium chloride, lime kiln dust and fertilizers.
Chloride Calcium Deicers Salt Road Ice Magnesium Sodium Acetate Chemical Company Limestone Dust Deicing Deicer
2 Agri-Cal Liquid Calcium A 'calcium
A 'calcium saturated chelating agent' that is a true solution.
3 Quzhou Zhongyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of calcium chloride, calcium carbide, and acetylene in China.
4 Zhejiang Jiande Jinchun Fine Calcium Co., Ltd Producer of
Producer of calcium carbonate in standard, refined, and reactive grades, for use as additives for various industrial manufacturing processes.
̼Ëá¸Æ¼°»îÐÔ̼Ëá¸Æ ½¨µÂÊнõ´º¾«Ï¸¸ÆÒµÓÐÏÞ¹«Ë¾ ÉúÒⱦ ÖÐÎÄ°æ È«Çò»¯¹¤ÍøÒÔÉú²úÏúÊÛ¸÷ÖÖ¹æ¸ñ&Igra
5 Resinas Industriales Sudamericanas S.A. Specialized producer
Specialized producer of calcium carbonate in Argentina, targeting pharmaceutical and food applications. Produces various powder grades, as well as calcium citrate.
6 Garima Calcium Products Pvt. Ltd. India based
India based chemical manufacturer specializing in calcium products like hydrated lime, limestones.
7 Impadoc S.A Operates fields
Operates fields of high purity calcium carbonate in Columbia for industrial use. In addition the company manufactures products such as kaolin, talc, dolomite, barite, and calcium sulfate as dehydrate and hemihydrate.
8 Garima Calcium Products Pvt., Ltd. Producer of
Producer of calcium products including hydrated lime, limestone.
9 Phosphate Fibers Book by
Book by Edward J. Griffith about the discovery, chemistry, synthesis, properties, manufacture, toxicology, and uses of calcium and sodium calcium polyphosphate fibers.
10 Zhejiang Changshan Longshan Calcium Carbonate Co., Ltd. Chinese producer
Chinese producer of a wide range of calcium carbonate products, including papermaking, polymer-additive, reactive, and nano-scale grades.
11 Grandorth Specialty Chemical Manufacture non-toxic
Manufacture non-toxic calcium zinc pvc stabilizers, calcium carbonate, and pvc additives for soft and rigid pvc products.
12 BPI Processes industrial
Processes industrial minerals and their byproducts into a range of inorganic chemicals, including magnesium, iron and zirconium oxides, aluminum and calcium silicates, calcium aluminates, silicon carbides, sulfur, ferroalloys, soda ash, cryolites, and carbons. Pennsylvania, USA.
13 Shanxi Jiaocheng Hongxing Chemicals Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of nitrates and other inorganics in China. Products include sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium nitrate, sodium and calcium nitrite, potassium sulfate, ammonium and potassium phosphates, and ammonium chloride.
灌施肥ï¼Å’å› æ­¤ä¿ÂæŒäºâ€ è‚¥æ–™é«Ëœæ•ˆã€èŠ‚èÆ’½ã€èŠ‚水、环ä¿Âçš„功效。  山西省äº&curr
14 Omya, Inc. Providing calcium
Providing calcium carbonate to the paint and pigment industry.
Omya North America Terms Navigation Conditions Carbonate Calcium Company Go Main Seven Quality Policy Sustainability Careers Privacy
15 Inner Mongolia Baiyanhu Chemical Co., Ltd. Producer of
Producer of calcium carbide in China.
16 akay chemicals manufacturer of
manufacturer of calcium carbonate powder from oyster shell.
17 Jingzhou Jianghan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of organosilanes and calcium dodecylbenzenesulfonate.
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18 Tianjin Zhaoji Enterprise Co., Ltd. Calcium hypochlorite
Calcium hypochlorite for swimming pool sanitizing. China
19 H and S Whiting, Inc. Limestone crushing
Limestone crushing facility that supplies calcium carbonate to a variety of industries.
20 VGS Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of calcium polysulfide for the remediation of heavy metals in waste water. USA
Calcium Vgs Heavy Remediation Polysulfide Lime Zinc Commodities Treatment Soil Offers Aqua Sulfurclear
21 Nutritech Solutions Ltd. Palatable anionic
Palatable anionic dairy feed and calcium supplement for cows at calving .
22 Nutritech Solutions Ltd. Palatable anionic
Palatable anionic dairy feed and calcium supplement for cows at calving .
23 Alumica Producer of
Producer of calcium aluminate for the steel and aluminum industry based in Quebec, Canada.
Calcium Aluminate Alumica Producer De Fluorspar Click Flux Steel Policy Fluorure Aluminium Chaux Confidentiality Y
24 Jingzhou Jianghan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of organosilanes and calcium dodecylbenzenesulfonate in Hubei Province, China.
25 Lafarge Aluminates, Inc. Offers
Offers development, production, and supply of calcium aluminate products including SewperCoat.
26 Nutritech Solutions Ltd. Powerful, palatable
Powerful, palatable anionic dairy feed and calcium supplement for cows at calving.
27 Nutritech Solutions Ltd. Powerful, palatable
Powerful, palatable anionic dairy feed and calcium supplement for cows at calving.
28 The CL Ranch Manufactures and
Manufactures and markets natural gypsum and calcium sulfate dihydrate for agriculture, livestock and industry.
29 akay chemicals manufacturer of
manufacturer of calcium carbonate including precipitated, activated and natural oyster shell grade.
30 Primet Produces and
Produces and distributes rare earth materials from China, as well as magnesium, calcium and zirconium based products to various industries.
31 Mario De La Fuente Source for
Source for calcium lime-base paint restorer for historical and modern structures.
32 Pacific Calcium Inc. Producer of
Producer of organic plant fertilizers, limestone and dolomite products for agricultural, commercial and consumer uses. USA.
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33 Fu-E Lifesciences Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of health products, including soy isofalvone, grape seed, bilberry, vita-c/ calcium tab.
34 sentry battery importer of
importer of rechargeable vrla and sli, high-density, sealed lead acid, calcium batteries. usa.
35 OMYA Group Manufactures surface
Manufactures surface treated, ground and precipitated calcium car-bonate, used for filler applications in the plastics industry.
Carbonate Omya Calcium Dolomite Go Specialty Fillers Distributor Terms Navigation Worldwide Imeris Omyacarb Sustainability Products Limestone
36 Guangzhou Paper Group Ltd. Produces newsprint
Produces newsprint and corrugation board materials, and its by-products, including industrial alcohol and calcium ligno sulfonate.
37 Shandong Baoyuan Chemical Co.,Ltd. Manufacturer in
Manufacturer in China of hydroxylamine hydrochloride, formic acid and calcium formate, nitromethane, dimethyl sulfate and methomyl.
è¿â€ºå…¥gtgtgt å±±ä¸Å“å®ÂæºÂåŒ–工股份有限公司 盐酸ç¾Å¸èÆ’º|ç¡ÂåŸºç”²çÆ’·|甲酸钙|甲酸盐酸&ccedi
38 Weifang Hongyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. Producer of
Producer of calcium chloride and silicate, magnesium oxide and carbonate, and various bromide and bromate salts. Located in China.
Snow Melting Weifang Chloride Calcium Chemical Ltd Series Bromide Chinachemnet Toocle Co Hongyuan Supply Chemnet
39 Chemical & Mineral Industries Pvt. Ltd. Producer of
Producer of precipitated and activated calcium carbonate, for use as additives in various materials and products. Also offers other powdered minerals.
Powder Carbonate Calcium Aloe Mineral India Lime Precipitated Vera Products Chemical Activated Ingredients Quick Barytes Whiting
40 Sichuan Yibin Hengde Chemical Co., Ltd. Producer of
Producer of a small range of organic chemicals in China. Products include calcium carbide, hexanediol, and several alkynols.
Chemical Co Intermediate Hormone Series Ltd Yibin Alcohol Calcium Carbide Dissolved Herb Hexanediol Hexadiindiol Dimethyl English Chinese Food Chemnet Acid Hengde Click
41 Alufluor Producer and
Producer and supplier of silicic dioxide, calcium and aluminium fluoride for the primary aluminium smelters.
42 Rapra International Manufactures and
Manufactures and distributes mineral powders, including calcite, ground calcium carbonate, talc, mica, ditomecious earth, kaolin and quartz.
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43 Chemical & Mineral Industries Pvt. Ltd. Producer of
Producer of precipitated and activated calcium carbonate, for use as additives in various materials and products. Also offers other powdered minerals. Rajasthan, India.
Powder Carbonate Calcium Aloe Mineral India Lime Precipitated Vera Products Activated Chemical Ingredients Quick China Barytes Whiting Contact
44 JV-Industries, Inc, Manufactures sconcrete
Manufactures sconcrete embedded inserts, beam sleeves, tub boxes and calcium pipe shields. Products are custom made to order.
45 Qingdao Great Chemical Inc. Specializes in
Specializes in oil drilling and antifreeze chemicals, with products including calcium chloride, xanthan gum, bentonite, and bromide salts.
Calcium Chloride Grade China Food Sodium Chemical Products Xanthan Bromide Acid Great Greatchem Inc Min Powder Tmp Kinds West
46 Yichang Yafeng Mining Industry Co., Ltd. Company in
Company in China producing phosphate rock and fused calcium magnesium phosphate.
47 sahrakav industrial and chemical mud additives
mud additives including gilsonite, barite, bentonite, calcium carbonate, salt and lost circulation materials. operating in the persian gulf.
Sahra Usmso Industrial Contact Products Chemical Sa Bidi En Languageen Language Ansi Oilfield Fareast Carbonate Drilling
48 New Eezy Gro Inc. Supplier of
Supplier of liquid calcium and potassium, foliar and fertigation plant nutrients, greenhouse seedling starters. Includes profile, catalogue, applications and specifications.
49 Hangzhou Jintian Chemical Co., Ltd. Manufactures DL-tartaric
Manufactures DL-tartaric acid, sodium gluconate, calcium pyruvate, reagents, ion exchange memdrane and heat conductive oil.
50 Rapra International Indian manufacturer
Indian manufacturer and distributor of mineral powders, including calcite, ground calcium carbonate, talc, mica, diamaceous earth, kaolin and quartz.
51 Changjiang Food Co., Ltd. Offers food
Offers food grade potassium sorbate, sorbic acid, and calcium citrate. Product and contact details.
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52 Republic Metals, Inc. Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of lead anodes, extruded from many different alloys such as tin, antimony, silver, calcium, tellurium, and chemical lead.
Anodes Republic Lead Metals Contact Products White Victory Alloys Aboutrepublic Productsanodes Conforming Company Metalour Orderingordering
53 Precision Marine Systems, Inc Manufacture filters
Manufacture filters, skimmers, CO2 systems and calcium reactors. Includes product features and benefits .
Pumps Series Water Bubble Magus Marine Reactors Precision Standard Substrate Bulkhead Systems Accessories Dosing Flow Shah Knowledge Micron
54 DKT Co.,Ltd. Supplier of
Supplier of gypsum (calcium sulfate). Thai company, a subsidiary of Sahachart Setakit Co.Ltd.with a gypsum reserve of over 50 million tons .
55 yuhchang electric co., ltd. manufacturer of
manufacturer of power capacitor, automatic power factor regulator, series reactor and rechargeable lead calcium battery. from taiwan.
Fax Mail Taiwansources Products Bb System Taiwan ±m·~»s³y°ª§cÀ£¹q®e¾¹¡a¢Û«¬°®¦¡§cÀ£¹q®e¾¹¡a¢Þ«¬°®¦¡§cÀ£¹q®e¾¹¡a¹q¾¹¥Î¹q®e¾¹¡a¦Û°Ê¥²v¦]¼Æ½Õ¾ã½l¡a¦Û°Ê¥²v¦]¼
56 ACE Industries India. Manufacturers
India. Manufacturers line of centrifuges and calcium chloride. Top and bottom discharge and instant cake lifting machines available. Site incorporates related technical information.
57 Longkou Xinglong Rubber-Plastic Co.,Ltd. Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of calcium carbonate filled flame retardant plastics, GFR thermoplastics and modified plastics for the automobile industry.
58 Zibo Hainuo Chemical Co.,Ltd. Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of microfine powders of calcium carbonate for food and personal care applications, as well as various grades of lime, hydrated lime, and talcum.
¾Û°±õ¥Ãü·â½º×¨ÓÃÂÁͲ ʳƷ¼¶ÇâÑõ»¯¸Æ Í¿Áϼ¶Î¢Ï¸ÇáÖÊ̼Ëá¸Æ ʳƷ¸Æ£¬»îÐÔÑõ»¯¸Æ£¬Î¢Ï¸ÇáÖÊ̼Ë
59 Nanjing Jinyan Strontium Industry Co., Ltd. Manufactures the
Manufactures the carbonates of strontium, barium, and calcium, as well as a range of other strontium salts. Located in China.
60 FMC Industrial Chemicals Producer of
Producer of inorganic chemicals including soda ash, hydrogen peroxide, calcium and magnesium peroxides, and persulfates. Also offers peracetic acid.
61 shandong xinfa pharmaceutical co.,ltd. manufacturer of
manufacturer of animal drugs, feed additive and pharmaceutical intermediates, such as folic acid, calcium pantothenate, dinitolmide and toltrazuril, in jinan, china.
62 Armor Protéines Produces a
Produces a wide range of dairy ingredients such as whey protein, hydrolysates, peptides, caseinates, lactose and calcium. Company profile, products and their application, links, and contact information.
63 QiXian YinDu Chemical Plant Thiocyanates manufacturer
Thiocyanates manufacturer in China, offering ammonium, sodium, potassium, and calcium thiocyanate, as well as sodium hydrosulfide, barium chloride, and carbon disulfide.
Thiocyanate Ammonium Sodium Henan Yindu Ltd Co Chemical Hydrosulfide Hydrosulfide|potassium Sulfate|sodium Thiocyanate|sodium Thiocyanate|ammonium Sulfate Potassium
64 Huaxi Mine Powder Co., Ltd. Manufacturer and
Manufacturer and supplier of barite powder, vanadium and ilmenite powder, limestone powder and calcium carbonate.
65 B&G Lactic Acid Sino-Belgian joint
Sino-Belgian joint venture for producing L-lactic acid and its sodium, potassium, and calcium salts in Asia and Oceania.
Lactic Bg Welcomey
66 Tianjin Development Zone Xinda Chemical Technical Development Co.,Ltd. Produces zinc
Produces zinc chloride and sulfate, calcium carbonate and phosphate, and a range of fluorine-based toothpaste additives. Located in China.
Sodium Technical Chemical Co Zone Xinda Chloride Development Tianjin Zinc Ammonium Ltd Ltdtjxd Saccharin Contact Monosodium
67 Pacific Ceramics Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of advanced microwave ceramic materials. Products include rare earth iron garnets, calcium vanadium garnets, lithium and magnesium ferrites, and titanate dielectrics.
Ceramics Microwave Pacific Ceramic Materials Ferrites Dielectric Lithium Phase Phased Array Cellular Resonators Inc Dielectrics Shifters Finishing
68 Inner Mongolia Mengxi High-tech Materials Co., Ltd. Division of
Division of Mengxi Group engaged in development and production of inorganic nanograde calcium carbonate, used as an additive in PVC, rubbers, adhesives, coatings, and paper.
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69 Vaibhav Industries Chemical manufacturer
Chemical manufacturer in India specializing in sodium acetate, also producing a range of other sodium salts, calcium butyrate, and fragrance chemical precursors.
70 Shanxi Friends Union Chemicals Co. Ltd. Manufacturer and
Manufacturer and exporter of sodium thiocyanate, ammonium thiocyanate, potassium thiocyanate, calcium thiocyanate, anthracite filter media and accelerators.
Domain Thiocyanatecom Parking Programm Thiocyanate Beacons Inhaber Informationen Thema Website Sedo Htmlses=yjlpteznzuznzaxmdcmdgnpzddcudghpbnywhdguuytntfmytdinimjimtmuntknjcodamzmtpptexntgwmjmjnrhcscvhcmnojmrvbwfpbjaglvylhbmfzsjbmczywywzwfkyimdnmmjljmwzimyzsywndwfnztkzszhxlkpti=keyword=token= Whois Interessante Dass Beacon
71 Shanxi Friends Union Chemicals Co., Ltd. Manufacturer and
Manufacturer and exporter of sodium thiocyanate, ammonium thiocyanate, potassium thiocyanate, calcium thiocyanate, anthracite filter media, accelerators.
72 Nuova Univers S.r.l. Supplier of
Supplier of industrial lubricants in Italy. Products include base oils, calcium sulphonates, white oils, and synthetic hydraulic fluids. Also offers custom blending and packaging services.
Oils Nuova Univers Srl Services Calcium Products Additives Mail Transformer Additive Contact Information Addresspostal
73 Mionix Corporation Offers FDA/USDA
Offers FDA/USDA approved food safety products based on acidic calcium sulfate. Kills pathogens and prevents regrowth on meat, poultry, hot dogs, and cheese. Company and product information.
74 Yixing Liao Yuan Chemical Co.,Ltd. Specializes in
Specializes in sodium thiocyanate, ammonium thiocyanate, calcium thiocyanate, potassium thiocyanate and cuprous thiocyanate.
å®Å“å…´å¸â€šç‡ŽåŽŸåŒ–工有限公司 公司商品y
75 Yantai Zhenghai Chemical Co., Ltd. Produces nano-sized
Produces nano-sized inorganic chemicals, including iron oxide pigments, nickel hydroxide battery material, and calcium carbonate additives, as well as a range of conventional inorganic compounds.
76 Pulpdent On-Line Worldwide distribution
Worldwide distribution of professional dental products including adhesives and composites, etching gels, calcium hydroxide preparations, pit and fissure sealant, endodontic specialties, orthodontic adhesives and periodontal dressings.
Embrace Rite Wetbond Glass Pulpdent Carriers Products Ionomer Tips Paste Etch Dentastic Amalgam Calcium Dentin Multi Cal Flows Seal Kool Dam Restoration Bond
77 Standard Tar Products Co., Inc. Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of ice melting salts in Wisconsin. Products include calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and compound products.
78 Solvay Bario e Derivati - Massa Producer of
Producer of Barium Chemicals, as Barium Sulphate (Blanc fixe), High Purity Barium-, Strontium- and Calcium-Compounds, Barium Hydroxide and other Barium and Sodium Derivates.
Nocolok® Barium Grade Carbonate Solkane® Strontium Flux Sodium Acid Products Proxitane® Chloride Fixe High Blanc Electronic Ammonium Glycerol Soda
79 Aquaglide System Our system
Our system corrects all rough cement base pool plaster finishes. In some cases you dont have to drain your pool. Nasty surface stains, mottling and calcium build-up are easily removed.
80 Neijiang Weiyuan Building Materials Chemical Factory Producer of
Producer of salt chemicals in China. Main products are various grades of barium and calcium chloride, also offering zinc sulfate, magnesium, and ferrous sulfate and various other inorganic chemicals.
81 Promy Chemical, LLC Fine chemical
Fine chemical sourcing and custom synthesis for the chemical industry. A source of stable isotopes and tritiated compounds, lithium and calcium compounds, amino acids, and specialty gases.
Promy Chemical Synthesis Gases Stable Specialty Acids Homepage Custom Isotopes Lithium Amino Calcium Labs Point
82 Sichuan Youxin Chemical Co., Ltd. Producer of
Producer of phosphate products in China. Products include labile calcium phosphate and food-grade tricalcium phosphate, as well as the salts of boron, magnesium, zinc, aluminum, and copper.
83 Chem Carb (India) Manufacturers of
Manufacturers of material handling equipment, detergent powder, liquids, phenol, activated calcium carbonate, minerals, mica powder, hydrated lime powder, silica sand, titanium dioxide, caustic soda.
Powder Carbonate Calcium Precipitated Lime China Oyster Shell Silica Calcite Mumbai Oxide Whiting Clay India
84 Shangyuchem Oxygen bleach
Oxygen bleach chemicals and specialty chemicals including sodium percarbonate, sodium perborate, TAED, calcium peroxide, magnesium peroxide, and potassium monopersulfate.
85 mission pharmacal provides citracal
provides citracal, calcium supplements for osteoporosis prevention and urocit-k for kidney stone prevention and kidney stone disease. also menopause relief, impotence cures, and erectile dysfunction.
86 Yancheng Huayou Biochemistry Industry Co., Ltd. Producer of
Producer of food additives, including lactic acid, calcium lactate, ethyl lactate, ethyl caproate, caproic acid, and alcohol spice in Yanshan, China.
87 Sharda Enterprises , Piyu Incorporation - India Suppliers of
Suppliers of aluminium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, calcium carbonate, calcined china clay, graphite powders, calcined alumina, organoclay gellants and bentonites in India.
88 Changzhou Yanghu Chemical Co.,Ltd Specialized inorganic
Specialized inorganic hydride manufacturer in China, offering sodium, lithium, and calcium hydride, sodium and potassium borohydride, and lithium aluminum hydride.
89 Time Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer and
Manufacturer and exporter of inorganic chemicals including calcium nitrate, magnesium nitrate, manganese sulphate, sodium bisulphate, potassium bisulphate, and ammonium bisulphate.
90 Grande Custom Ingredients Group Produces whey
Produces whey protein concentrate and other whey products which are a dairy based natural flavor enhancer for nutraceutical and functional foods providing milk calcium and can be used with whey protein isolate products.
91 Calfee, William Currently studying
Currently studying the evolution of bird migration and has just completed research into calcium as a factor in the evolution of avian migration. Offers seminars, bird walks and research summaries.
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92 Crown Sea Salt Ltd. Produces sea
Produces sea salt by solar evaporation in Ghana, and offers various refined products, including table salt, road salt, magnesium chloride, magnesium sulfates and calcium sulfate.
93 Productos Petreos A. de la Cruz A company
A company founded in 1943, operates in the marble, granite, basalt and calcium carbonate crushing business. Products are available in all colours and 8 granular sizes, ranging from 0 - 35 m/m, as standard, although different granular sizes can be produced upon request. Products can also be provided washed and packaged.

Shopping and Trade in Calcium

94 Calcium Hydroxyapatite Calcium Hydroxyapatite
Calcium Hydroxyapatite and vitamin D can help to reduce bone loss.
Calcium Hydroxyapatite Chromium Complex Vitamin Bone Phyto Boron Zinc Soy Mega Magnesium Hydoxyapatite Cost Retail Silica
95 Ozark Vitamins Offering joint
Offering joint support and calcium supplements.
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96 Blue Mountain Herbs Vitamins, MSM
Vitamins, MSM, coral calcium, and glucosamine.
Specials Track Ordering Help Inside Form Unadvertised Standard Order Guarantee Caps Products Powder Mountain Email Policy Give Quality
97 Tree Star Minerals, Inc. Information on
Information on calcium needs and water soluble products for purchase.
Calm Cart Magnesium Add Servings | Stress Mineral Mg Calcium Organic Account Citrate Malate Anti Lbs Sign
98 MagICal Offers a
Offers a variety calcium and magnesium products, plus health concern specialties.
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99 Natures Youth Offers anti-aging
Offers anti-aging, weight loss, vitamins, and calcium supplements.
Energy Youth Contact Company Natures Health Blog Aging Anti Policy Skin Loss Women Weight Privacy Natural Best Womens Cholesterol Pill
100 JAJA Group, Inc. This site
This site provides a wealth of information including various uses for the companys calcium hypochlorite and other water treatment chemicals.
Products Baskets Beauty Basket Wire Health Wicker Candles Gift Gifts Ceramic Industrial Commercial Treatment Natural Building Free
101 Lifereef Filter Systems Aquarium filters
Aquarium filters, custom made available. Also water pumps, wave makers and calcium reactors.
Filter Lifereef Systems Customeroffering Relatedproducts Designing Production Fabrication Yearsfiltration Longest
102 Caffe Pacori Organic roasts
Organic roasts infused with herbs and minerals, including ginseng, echinacea and calcium. Describes product development and provides list of US retailers.
Coffee Roasted Lb Wood Espresso Roast Gourmet Caffe Gold Brewing Sumatra Bistrio $ Orders Pacori
103 Performance Labs, Inc. Offers herbal
Offers herbal formulas and acid-neutralizing calcium under brand names Vitalert, GarliMax, CardioMax, ImmuniMax, RelaxMax and AcidFree.
104 Pillmart Pillmart is
Pillmart is a nutraceutical company offering coral calcium, weight loss and sexual enhancement products.
Pillows Pillmartcom Pill Leading Mart Tale Bedding Backpillows Cotton Body Cervicaleyepillows Join Net
105 BL Publications - NHL Ministries Offers books
Offers books on diabetes, nutrition, health food, diets, weight loss, cancer, DHA, memory loss, and coral calcium.
Life Recipes Beth Policy Testimonials Dr Return Customer Click Privacy Michaels Faqs Shipping Transformation Contact Books Living
106 SeaQuest Marine Offers dry
Offers dry goods including skimmers, lighting, calcium reactors, RO/DI, pumps, wavemakers, chillers, filters, heaters, and sterilizers for marine and reef aquariums.
Price Supplies Aquarium List Sale Filter Wwwseaquestmarinecom Seaquest Ocean Help Skimmer Pumps Reef Clear Marine Miscellaneous
107 Great Lakes Blend Complete equine
Complete equine vitamin mineral supplement for horses in the Great Lakes Region. Provides the NRC minimum daily requirements for all vitamins/minerals necessary to sustain normal equine body functions, except calcium and phosphorous.
Electrical Pest London Control Bath Uncategorized Fastlane Business Trades Distributors Ideas Farming Best Proudly Wordpress

Recreation and Wellness in Calcium

108 Calcium Absorption and Estrogen Activity Exchange between
Exchange between bone calcium and blood serum calcium, effect of estrogen, chelates, nonchelates, acid/alkaline balance, and a successful clinical study.
Osteoporosis Calcium Estrogen Understanding Acid Products Stomach Activity Education Whiting Aging Need Steven Healingwithnutritioncom Biocalcium
109 False Coral Calcium Claims Explains that
Explains that the content of coral calcium is not very different from the calcium carbonate found in other supplements.
Nutrition Diet Calcium Supplements Foods Guidelines Healthy Coral Smart Health Packaged Eating Scam Super Page Gluten Free Face Off Multimedia Immune Booster
110 Calcium--Nutritional Health Information Overview of
Overview of calcium including its functions, food sources, and effects on the human body.
Calcium Mahan Dietary Deficiency Minerals Whitney Nutrition Mccarron Food Edition Nutritional Health Information Research Board Reference Phyto Soy
111 Express Newsline - Importance of Calcium Severe calcium
Severe calcium deficiency often occurs in individuals who have thyroid disease, or medical problems with the parathyroid.
112 Carbonated Water and Calcium Dr. Donnica
Dr. Donnica Moore discusses carbonated water and caffeinated beverages effects on calcium levels in this question and answer format.
Calcium Health Water Carbonated Bones Drdonnicacom Urine Woman Menopausal Menopause Supplement Womens Daily Milk Caffeine Partners Here Women’s
113 Calcium Supplements May Interfere With Thyroid Treatment News article
News article warning that high calcium levels may result in lower thyroid hormone levels for women taking supplements.
Health Webmd Healthy Information Sign Diet Pregnancy Pain Drug Fda Loss Medical Expert Disease Content Award Winning Views Inside Recall Meltdown Exercise
114 Calcium Chloride Full prescribing
Full prescribing information from RxList.
Drug Chloride Calcium Effects Side Rxlist Fda Description Medscape Injection % Drugs Patient Interactions Reviews Policy Medication Dosage Pill
115 Calcium Gluconate Full prescribing
Full prescribing information from RxList.
Calcium Gluconate Drug Effects Side Rxlist Medscape Description Drugs Interactions Pill Information Patient Reviews Pictures Checker Overdosage Learn Tool
116 Online calcium
Online calcium resource from the makers of Tums.
Tums® Heartburn Try Antacid Allchewy Americas Smoothies™ Learn Delights Relief Tums Smoothies Fight Companies Rights Official Antacids
117 Milk Allergy Symptoms, avoidance
Symptoms, avoidance, alternatives, and articles about casein and calcium.
Allergies Allergy Xolair Friend Treatment Share Hives Allergic Diagnosis Drug Allergy * Symptoms Food Most Chronic Skin Way An
118 Coral Calcium and the Deep Down Truth An article
An article that disputes advertisers claims about the so-called benefits of this supplement.
人間関係 運命を好転させるのは考え方次第 挟みの置き方でわかる血液型 産まれながらの運 手にした石に語りかける 仕事運 Wordpress Berlin サイトマップ 人間関係に恵まれている、よき理解者に出会う、仕事がで
119 Nutritional Treatment of Lice Offers information
Offers information about calcium and its deficiency. Includes the cell salts and other conditions.
Calcium Page Story Theory Web Thanks Cellsalt Lice Contact Hosting Treatment They Free Please Otherconditions Someexperimenting Introduction
120 Thyroid Disease, Osteoporosis and Calcium An in
An in depth discussion from MedicineNet on prevention, therapies, and treatment options.
Health Womens Living Healthy Skin Sexual Disease Slideshow Conditions Heart Medscape Osteoporosis Hearing Cancer Pain Pictures Webmd Contact Weight Thyroid
121 Calcium Metabolism Merck Manual
Merck Manual offers a list of disorders including signs, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.
Merck Manual Tables Abbreviations Clinical Calculators Therapy Conversion Selected Laboratory Student Drugvalues Diagnosis
122 Deficiency Diseases and Good Nutrition - Calcium Discusses the
Discusses the aspects of low intake, causes of mineral loss, and RDA recommendations.
123 Lipitor Pfizer site
Pfizer site for its atorvastatin calcium medication. Features product and prescribing information as well as cholesterol and heart disease resources.
Lipitor Information Card Prescribing Safety Activate Patient Terms Finder Cholesterol Lipitor® Choice Faqs Pharmacy Program Atorvastatin Medwatch
124 Approach to Hypercalcemia Chapter four
Chapter four from Endotext provides a definition of this condition and discusses the physiology of calcium homeostasis. Includes the regulation of production and action of humoral mediators.
Endotext Guidelines Privacy Apache Sections Country Login Advertising Readersclinical Donations Associates Registration Server
125 Keep Kids Healthy: Calcium Requirements Article about
Article about the nutritional requirements and dietary sources for this mineral.
126 Calcium Explores where
Explores where this mineral is stored in the body and how it is metabolized and regulated. Includes causes, symptoms, and treatment for hypercalcemia and hypercalcemia.
Disorders Blood Level Health Low High Calcium Issues Medical Potassium Drug Sodium Phosphate Magnesium Gt Dental Childrens
127 Hyperparathyroidism Disorder Explanation of
Explanation of this disorder, the importance of calcium and phosphorous, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and surgery. By
Health Cancer Information Policy Skin Dean Bipolar Heart Question Body Healthy Chronic High Diet Disease Sleep Story Asthma Living Breast Adhd
128 Vital Health Diagnostics The center
The center provides CT services that include whole body screening, coronary artery calcium scoring, and virtual colonoscopy. (Beverly Hills, California)
Health Endometriosis Vital Cook Pelvic Institute Close * Castillo Pain Specialty Center Meet Philosophy Learn Dr
129 eMedicine: Hyperphosphatemia : Article by Leigh A
Leigh A Patterson, MD discusses the sixth most abundant element in the human body. Includes the relationship to kidney function, calcium, and vitamin D.
130 Journal of Bone and Mineral Research Publishes papers
Publishes papers on all areas of calcium regulation, skeletal physiology, and metabolic bone diseases.
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Calcium Dictionary

calcium blocker / calcium-channel blocker: any of a class of drugs that block the flow of the electrolyte calcium (either in nerve cell conduction or smooth muscle contraction of the heart), has been used in the treatment of angina or arrhythmia or hypertension or migraine
fenoprofen / fenoprofen calcium / Nalfon: a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (trade name Nalfon) used in the treatment of arthritis and other painful inflammatory disorders
limelight / calcium light: a lamp consisting of a flame directed at a cylinder of lime with a lens to concentrate the light, formerly used for stage lighting
calcium / Ca / atomic number / / / / : a white metallic element that burns with a brilliant light, the fifth most abundant element in the earth's crust, an important component of most plants and animals
calcium carbide: a grey salt of calcium (CaC) used in making acetylene
calcium-cyanamide / cyanamide: a compound used as a fertilizer and as a source of nitrogen compounds
calcium hypochlorite: any hypochlorite of calcium, used as a bleaching agent
calcium lactate: a white crystalline salt made by the action of lactic acid on calcium carbonate, used in foods (as a baking powder) and given medically as a source of calcium
calcium nitrate: a deliquescent salt that is soluble in water, sometimes used as a source of nitrogen in fertilizers
calcium oxide / quicklime / lime calx / calcined lime / fluxing lime / unslaked : a white crystalline oxide used in the production of calcium hydroxide
calcium phosphate: a phosphate of calcium, a main constituent of animal bones
calcium stearate / calcium octadecanoate: an insoluble calcium salt of stearic acid and palmitic acid, it is formed when soap is mixed with water that contains calcium ions and is the scum produced in regions of hard water
calcium hydroxide / lime / slaked lime / hydrated lime / calcium hydrate / caust: a caustic substance produced by heating limestone
calcium bicarbonate: a bicarbonate that is a major cause of hard water
calcium carbonate / /: a salt found in nature as chalk or calcite or aragonite or limestone
calcium chloride /: a deliquescent salt, used in de-icing and as a drying agent
calcium hydride / hydrolith: a saltlike binary compound (CaH) used as a reducing agent and source of hydrogen
calcium sulphate / calcium sulfate: a white salt (CaSO)
calcium ion / factor IV: ion of calcium, a factor in the clotting of blood
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Calcium New-York The City of Calcium is in the American State of New-York and has the Zip Code 13616. Calcium is a chemical element with symbol Ca and atomic number 20. Calcium is a soft gray alkaline earth metal, fifth-most-abundant element by mass in the Earths crust. - Last Update:

Cities nearby (Zip 136..)

Adams Center13606
Black River13612
Brasher Falls13613
Brier Hill13614
Cape Vincent13618
Chase Mills13621
De Kalb Junction13630
De Peyster13633
Evans Mills13637
Felts Mills13638
Fort Drum13602
La Fargeville13656
Natural Bridge13665
Newton Falls13666
Point Vivian13607
Rensselaer Falls13680
Sackets Harbor13685
South Colton13687
Star Lake13690
Three Mile Bay13693
West Stockholm13696

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