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Castor in Louisiana

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1 BOM-Brasil Oleo de Mamona Ltda Produces castor
Produces castor oil and derivatives such as hydrogenated castor oil, 12-hydroxy stearic acid and stearamide, and ricinoleic acid. History of castor, product specifications. Bahia, Brazil.
2 Hindustan Lever Exports Exporter based
Exporter based in India specializes in castor seeds, castor oil and derivative products.
3 Richmond Wheel & Castor Co. Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of wheels and casters. Contains product specifications, offers, and company history.
4 Orgomatic Exports Manufacturer and
Manufacturer and exporter of perfumery compounds, herbal extracts, spice and castor oils, red chili spices, and herbs.
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5 Rakesh Soni India. Processors
India. Processors and wholesale suppliers of cotton linters. Also, biodegradable castor oil based grease for industrial applications.
6 Adventure Producer and
Producer and distributor of chemicals in India, specializing in botanical products such as psyllium husks, aloe vera, neem and castor oils, and a range of Indian herbs.
7 Castor Solutions Canada. Supply
Canada. Supply of high quality, heavy duty castors to suit specific situations and load handling requirements in institutions, industry, and retail establishments.
Case Caster Solutions Casters Contact Cases Flight Location Custom Hardware Frontline Services Component Wheels Catalogue
8 Alpha Chem, Inc Producer of
Producer of adipic acid, castor oil, guar gum, menthol, camphor, and sulfolane in New Jersey. Also sources pigments and specialty chemicals from other manufacturers through global alliances.
Inc Chem Alpha Pagez
9 Beaver Wood Associates Company provides
Company provides indexing and related services as well as consulting on water resources. Site includes a bibliography of books about the North American beaver (Castor canadensis).
10 Oleotec Limited UK based
UK based manufacturer of fatty acids and alcohols, waxes, hardened castor oil, and related specialties, servicing plastics, pharmaceuticals, personal care, oilfield chemicals and construction industries.
11 HBI HB International
HB International (HBI) is a brokerage & agency specialized in oleochemicals and related products (glycerine, fatty acids, castor products), and food products (Basmati & thai rices, coffee).
Products Hbi Rice English Catalysts Cinqpages Biodiesel Fatty Castor Español Deutsch Acids Français Freight Glycerine Design Auctions

Shopping and Trade in Castor

12 Castor Jewelry Tom Castor
Tom Castor creates custom jewelry designs in 18k gold and platinum, with fine gem stones.
Jewelry Custom Castor Platinum Gold Fine Design Contact Union Wedding Collections Lambertville Store Street Resources Brooches Cocktail Nj
13 Castor Jewelry Goldsmith and
Goldsmith and jewelry designer Tom Castor creates custom jewelry designs in gold, platinum, and fine gemstones.
Jewelry Custom Gold Castor Platinum Design Fine Wedding Lambertville North Nj Contact Designs Street Store Handcrafted
14 Gulf Coast Model Products Balsa, plywood
Balsa, plywood, spruce, maple, all castor glofuel, radios, and engines.
Construction Undery
15 Castor and Pollux Pet Works Offers dog
Offers dog and cat food, collars, leashes, chew toys, vitamins, kitty litter, catnip, shampoo and stain remover.
Products Natural Locator Store Castor Free Overweight News Leader Organic Grain Senior Cat Toys Breed International Large | Usda

Recreation and Wellness in Castor

16 March Hares Rabbitry Southeast Texas
Southeast Texas Breeders of Californian and Mini Rex in castor and broken varieties. Photos and related links.
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17 March Hares Rabbitry Southeast Texas
Southeast Texas Breeders of Californian and Mini Rex in castor and broken varieties. Photos and related links.
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18 SunRise Farm At SunRise
At SunRise Farm we raise quality Mini Rex and Dutch rabbits in CO. Dutch come in Black and blue. Mini Rex come in Black, Blue, Broken, Castor, Opal, Red, Tort and White.
Sunrise Farmphone Parker Farm Welcome Rabbitry Sale Sunrise_farm@lycoscom Ridge Goats Dutchvista Mini

Computer & Games related Websites

19 'Castor JDO': Simply False Advertising This expert
This expert perspective lays it on the line: Exolabs Castor JDO product does not support the JDO standard.
Java Castor Data Objects Jdo Exolab David Oreilly View Simply Odmg Advertising False Byte Enhancement Jordan
20 Using Castor JDO for SQL Mapping An in-depth
An in-depth look at using Castors marshalling engine to do data binding of Java objects to tables, rows, and columns in an SQL database.
Java Castor Mapping $name Media Data Oreilly Xml Using Jdo Optional Subscribe Objects Jeff Onjava
21 Persist data with Java Data Objects, Part 2 This article
This article presents two major JDO specifications: the Sun Microsystems JDO and the open source Castor JDO. Jacek Kruszelnicki discusses their relative pros and cons, and their similarities and differences.
Java Jdo Enterprise Part Persistence Data Idg Source News Application Web Close App Mobile Open

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Society, Arts and Crafts in Castor

22 R.M. Crowson Masonic Lodge No. 281 - Castor Meets on
Meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays, 7:30 PM. Events, history, information and links.
Rm Crowsony
23 castor & associates, p.c. a business
a business law practice dedicated to providing business legal services and advice.
24 castor, jann songwriter and
songwriter and movie composer.
Music Castor Jann Didgeridu Castorian Film Composer Modern Computer Guitarist Songwriter Worldsinger Generated

Castor Dictionary

Castor / genus Castor /: type genus of the Castoridae: beavers
Old World beaver / Castor fiber: a European variety of beaver
New World beaver / Castor canadensis: a variety of beaver found in almost all areas of North America except Florida
beaver / castor: a hat made with the fur of a beaver (or similar material)
caster / castor: a pivoting roller attached to the bottom of furniture or trucks or portable machines to make them movable
caster castor: a shaker with a perforated top for sprinkling powdered sugar
castor oil: a purgative extracted from the seed of the castor-oil plant, used in paint and varnish as well as medically
castor sugar / caster sugar: very finely granulated sugar that was formerly sprinkled from a castor
Castor / Alpha Geminorum: a multiple star with components, second brightest in Gemini, close to Pollux
/ castor bean: the toxic seed of the castor-oil plant, source of castor oil
/ castor-oil plant / castor bean plant / palma christi / palma christ / Ricinus : large shrub of tropical Africa and Asia having large palmate leaves and spiny capsules containing seeds that are the source of castor oil and ricin, widely naturalized throughout the tropics
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Castor Louisiana The City of Castor is in the American State of Louisiana and has the Zip Code 71016. Castor most commonly refers to. - Last Update:

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