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Tonkawa in Oklahoma

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1 TonKawa Pictures and
Pictures and pedigrees. Chepachet, Rhode Island.
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2 Patchtrade Trader message
Trader message board, image archive, common patch abbreviation descriptions.(Tonkawa, Karankawa, Arapaho, Capitol Area Council)
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3 Texas Indians: Tonkawa Brief overview
Brief overview of the Tonkawa, their culture and history, with a link to a book on the Tonkawa for sale. From the Texas Indians series.
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4 Plains and Plateau Tribes: Tonkawa Basic information
Basic information about the tribes traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.
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Tonkawa Oklahoma The City of Tonkawa is in the American State of Oklahoma and has the Zip Code 74653. The Tonkawa are a Midwestern Native American tribe indigenous to present-day Oklahoma and Texas. They once spoke the now-extinct Tonkawa language; it is believed to have been a language isolate not related to any other indigenous tongues. - Last Update:

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