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1 Ethox Chemicals, LLC Specialty chemical
Specialty chemical manufacturer of alkoxylates, esters and phosphate esters, amides, and amphoterics.
Ethox Chemicals Products Custom Chemical Synthesis Manufacturing Piedmont Donaldson Dooley Greenville Sperse Carolina South Has Product
2 Ethox Chemicals, LLC Specialty manufacturer
Specialty manufacturer of alkoxylates, esters and phosphate esters, amides, and amphoterics, located in South Carolina.
Ethox Chemicals Custom Products Synthesis Manufacturing Piedmont Chemical South Dooley Greenville Sperse Carolina Donaldson Toll Has
3 Gly-Tek Produces food-grade
Produces food-grade and kosher polyglycerol esters in a range of molecular weights. Located in Idaho.
4 Hebei Chengxin Co., Ltd. Producer of
Producer of malonate esters, phenylacetate salts, organic cyanides, and sodium cyanide. Located in China.
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5 Multi-Kem Corporation Worldwide supplier
Worldwide supplier of food and industrial thickening agents including gums and gum blends, tapioca starch, and sucrose esters.
6 Chempri Producent van
Producent van oleochemicaliën: plantaardige, dierlijke en minerale oliën, vetzuren, vetalcoholen, esters en tensio-actieve producten. Reactoren met een inhoud van 1 tot 40 ton.
7 Union Derivan (UNDESA) Spanish manufacturer
Spanish manufacturer of fatty acids, esters, metallic stearates, PVC stabilizers and Lubricants, esterquats and paint driers.
Pvc Paint Stabilizers Metallic Stearates Fatty Undesa Esters Acids Esterquats Lubricants Stabilisers Driers Dryers Union Soaps
8 Shandong Zibo Shuangyu Chemical Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of levulinic acid and esters, and furfuryl alcohol, located in China. Product specifications and usage.
9 Oxford Chemicals Ltd UK-based manufacturer
UK-based manufacturer of high-impact aromachemicals. Specializes in sulfur and heterocyclic chemistry, also supplying aldehydes, acids, alcohols, and esters.
10 Boron Molecular Pty Ltd. Specialist manufacturer
Specialist manufacturer of organoboronic acids and esters for pharmaceutical excipients. Offers product list and custom synthesis in Melbourne, Australia.
Raft Boron Molecular Agents Boronic Agent Acid Technology Ester Chemistry Csiro Policy Acids Cart Conditions Trade
11 Carey Industries, Inc USA. Manufacturers
USA. Manufacturers of vat dyes in powders and pastes, and vat esters for the textile printing and dyeing industry. Custom manufacturing services. Comprehensive product catalog.

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12 Changzhou Zirui Chemical Co., Ltd. Producer of
Producer of a range of organic intermediates, including ethers, esters, nitriles, ketones, and halogenated compounds. Located in Jiangsu Province, China.
13 Jarchem Industries, Inc. Manufacturer, marketer
Manufacturer, marketer and distributor of linear and branched chain alcohols, esters, acids, specialty monomers, speciality derivatives, personal care and lubrication products.
14 Huasen Chemical Company Ltd. Producer of
Producer of hydrogen fluoride and fluorinated organics in China. Products include fluorinated acetic acid and its esters and amides.
15 Jiangsu Overseas Group Corporation Manufactures pharmaceutical
Manufactures pharmaceutical and dye intermediates in China. Products include a wide range of brominated organics, as well as esters, quaternary ammonium compounds, and silane coupling agents.
16 Siltech Produces a
Produces a range of silicone specialties, including silicone amines, phosphates, quaternary esters, polyethers, and fluorinated silicones, as well as defoamers, emulsions, and oils. Located in Canada.
17 Ineos A manufacturing
A manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing company of speciality and intermediate chemicals, including oxides, glycols, esters, fluorine and chlorine chemicals, and polystyrene and PVC resins. Antwerp, Belgium.
Ineos Chemicals Company News Olefins Products Businesses Markets Europe Compounds Melamines Polymers World Doeflex Industry Watch Agro
18 Wenzhou Longwan Tartaric Acid Factory Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of tartaric acid enantiomers and their salts and esters. Located in China.
19 NAST Fine Chemicals Inc. Producer of
Producer of organic intermediates in China. Products include derivatives of carboxylic acids, esters, ethers, alcohols, nitriles, and aromatics, including many brominated and chlorinated chemicals.
20 Chempri BV Sales organisation
Sales organisation with oleochemical production sites of its own. The product package includes a wide range of vegetable-, animal- and mineral oils, fatty acids, fatty alcohols, esters and tensio-actives.
Joomla Medicinesboard Welcome Home Organisation Contact Password Remember Archive Verduidelijking Artikelbeheersysteem Glycerin Iris
21 Nanjing Longyuan Natural Polyphenol Synthesis Factory Producer of
Producer of wood-derived chemicals in China. Products include pyrogallol and gallate esters, derivatives of benzoic acid and trimethoxy benzene, and tannic acid.
Acid Gallate Trimethoxy Tannic Benzaldehyde Benzoic Ethyl Dye Trihydroxy Polyphenol Lauryl Purity Longyuan Natural Ellagic Octyl Chinachemnet Chemical Id Electronic
22 General Polymers Provides products
Provides products for the protection and restoration of concrete including polyesters, vinyl esters, epoxies, novolacs and vinyl ester novolacs incorporated into system designs to meet the traffic and abrasion exposure.

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23 Boehme Filatex, Inc USA. Development
USA. Development and manufacture of specialty chemicals and lubricants for textile fibers, yarns and threads, textile and garment wet processing, and leather and fur wet processing. Also, specialty esters and plasticizers. Technical brochures on PDF files.

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