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1 Oleo-Fats, Inc Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of specialty fats and oils for the food industry, located in the Philippines. Products marketed throughout Southeast Asia.
2 Adriano Canestrelli Broker Italian brokering
Italian brokering company working with animal fats, vegetable oils and animal feeding stuffs. Site is in both Italian and English and gives details of their range of animal and vegetable-based proteins, fats and oils.
3 Oxitest Products for
Products for measuring parameters in fats and oils.
Oxitester Analyzer Olive Value Please Peroxide Analysis Free Stability Oils System Fatty Simple Oil Vegetable Tests Privacy Kits
4 De Smet Group Equipment and
Equipment and services to the oils and fats industry: pressing, extraction, and refining.
Ballestra Desmet Oils Plant Refinery Group Desmetballestra Tpd Vietnam Fats Qualistock Usa Nigeria Vegetable Russia
5 Okifood Producers of
Producers of palm based cooking oils and fats. Product specifications and contact details.
6 BIDCO Oil Refineries Limited Manufactures wide
Manufactures wide range of edible fats, oils, margarine and soaps.
Bidco Inclusive Social Brands Growth Media Careers United Contact Corporate Responsibility Practices Compact Got Global
7 Materia Oleochemicals Manufacturers of
Manufacturers of fatty acids and glycerine from fats and oils (Mar del Plata - Argentina).
8 Karlshamns AB Producers of
Producers of advanced vegetable speciality fats. Company information, product details, and contact links.
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9 caldwell environmental usa. biological
usa. biological products for the removal of fats, oils, and grease, solid wastes and hydrocarbons from the environment.
Caldwell Environmental Biorem® Septic Inc Tablets Doctor Products Source Pollution Naturally Fail Systems Mantra Drainline
10 Aceford Food Industry Singapore manufacturer
Singapore manufacturer and exporter of vegetable oils and fats. A subsidiary of Hap Seng Consolidated Berhad.
Industry Learn Aceford Food Market Contact Leader Disclaimer Edible Supply Products Sector Packaging Us If Y
11 Unimills bv Major Dutch
Major Dutch producer of vegetable oils and fats for use in foodstuffs, for technical applications and for high grade feedstuff.
12 Aarhus United Producers of
Producers of non-GMO speciality vegetable fats and oils for the food industry. Company profile, product and contact information.
Aarhusunitedcom Goclick Here Z
13 Marsa KJS Turkish producer
Turkish producer and exporter of vegetable oils, ghee, and margarine for consumers, as well as specialty fats for the food service sector.
14 SIRH Group Supplier of
Supplier of oils and fats for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and pet food industries. Product information, online customer service.
De Huiles Huile Olvea La Groupe Végétales Les Poisson Oils Winterisation En Le Beurre Et Faso Trust
15 Ngo Chew Hong Edible Oil Pte Ltd. Singapore-based manufacturer
Singapore-based manufacturer, importer and exporter of vegetable oils, ghee, and specialty fats.
Hong Chew Asia Pteltd Singapore Welcome Indian Pacific Continents Cis Africa Subedible Ngo
16 Fuji Oil Europe Producer of
Producer of oils and fats for a variety of food applications. Offers product listings focused on functionality. Contact details.
17 BIDCO Oil Refineries Limited Manufactures and
Manufactures and markets a large range of edible fats, oils, margarine and soaps in East and Central Africa.
18 Vandemoortele Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of margarine, oils, fats, soy food, mayonnaise and sauces for the food industry.
Products Values Food Contact Other Margarines Manufacturer Sustainable Fats Frozen Bakery Where Guiding Vandemoortele Legal Data Watch
19 Zaanlandse Olieraffinaderij Provides exclusive
Provides exclusive toll-refining and packing of vegetable oils and fats for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications. Company profile and product information.
20 Golden Hope Plantations Berhad A public-listed
A public-listed plantation with refineries in the oils and fats industry with operations in seven countries. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
21 Baker Commodities They are
They are involved in the global community trading fats and oils. They maintain bulk liquid terminal facilities in the United States and the Republic of Korea.
Animal Grease Baker Recycling Systems Services Commodities Oil Rendering Community Drain Foundation Cold Locks Collection Interceptor High Pressure United Outdoor Counter Andreoli
22 Rolex Lanolin Products, Ltd. Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of lanolin anhydrous, linolin derivatives, oils and fats, cosmetic raw materials.
23 Crystalyx Brand Supplements Low moisture
Low moisture, crystallized blend of molasses solids, proteins, fats, vitamins and trace minerals for livestock. Research and product information.
24 Trade News Service Publishes a
Publishes a weekly newsletter for the fats and oils trade. Daily prices and government reports are detailed in each report.
Trade News Canandaigua Rights Design Industry Reserved Advantage Since Wwwfats Oilscom Website Service Copyright Y
25 greenline industries develops technologies
develops technologies for biofuels industry, including processing machinery that produces biodiesel from vegetable oils and animal fats. vallejo, california, united states.
26 Arts And Marys Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of potato chips made with thick sliced potatoes cooked in small batches with oils lower in saturated fats. Product information, contact details.
27 Arts And Marys Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of potato chips made with thick sliced potatoes cooked in small batches with oils lower in saturated fats. Product information, contact details.
28 The Jacobsen Market analysis
Market analysis and pricing tables for tallow, yellow grease, animal fats and proteins, cattle hides, skins and leather, grain and marine by-products, and vegetable oils.
Jacobsen Agreement Services Content Website Party Terms Order Information Data Policy Purchased Form Section Privacy Termsof Ourapplicable
29 Past Perfect Jazz, Big
Jazz, Big band and Swing era nostalgia and music digitally remastered as CDs - featuring Glen Miller, Duke Ellington, Fats Waller, and Billy Holliday amongst others.
30 Refoil Earth Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of bleaching clays in India, converting raw material from its own mine using dry and wet processes, for use in refining vegetable and mineral oils, animal fats, and waxes.
31 Golden Foods Golden Brands Louisville, Kentucky
Louisville, Kentucky, processors of certified kosher soybean and cottonseed fats and oils for the food industry. Site requires Java.
Golden Brands Oil Foodsgolden Shortening Helson Trans Gfgb President Flaked Aak’s North Midwest Jean Oils Aarhuskarlshamnaak Redirected Sincerely
32 Rolex Lanolin Products, Ltd. Manufacturers of
Manufacturers of lanolin anhydrous, derivatives and products, oils and fats, cosmetic raw materials.
33 FATS - Fixed Asset Tracking System Low cost
Low cost, asset tracking software designed to be used with portable data terminals.
34 BBS Oils-Vegetable Ltd. UK exporter
UK exporter of crude and refined non-GMO vegetable oils and fats for the wholesale, retail, and manufacturing sectors.
35 BBS Oils-Vegetable Ltd. UK exporter
UK exporter of crude and refined non-GMO vegetable oils and fats for the wholesale, retail, and manufacturing sectors.
36 Flash 5 Energy Bars Energy bars
Energy bars with gourmet taste appeal and a balance of carbohydrates, protein, functional fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
37 Peter Cremer (S) GMBH This German
This German company with offices in North America and Singapore specializes in the supply chain management of core range of mainly vegetable based oils, fats, oleochemicals (fatty acids & glycerine) and soap noodles.
38 Bleaching Earth Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of highly active bleaching earth, a decolourising agent used for refining of vegetable oils, animal fats, mineral oils and waxes.
39 Butter Buds Food Ingredients Offers enzyme
Offers enzyme modified flavors of butter, cream, cheese and other flavorful fats, delivering highly concentrated flavor in convenient powdered form. Company history, product and technical data, distributor information, contact details.
40 Britannia Food Ingredients Ltd UK based
UK based supplier of non-hydrogenated speciality oils and fats, cocoa butter and cocoa butter equivalents to the confectionery and snack food industries. Site available in both English and German versions.
41 Lummus Corp USA. Group
USA. Group of companies, specialised in machinery and replacement parts for cotton cleaning, drying, ginning and baling applications. Also, baling systems for man-made fiber, industrial screening and separation machinery, and processing technologies for oils and fats.
Lummus Ginning Corporation Corporate Product De Capabilities Contact Customers Fibers Texas Made Parts Locations Employment California Care Sinteticas Español
42 Mahaan Group Manufacturers and
Manufacturers and exporters of dairy products such as milk powders, dairy whiteners, milk products, ghee, milk fats, edible casein, edible grade lactose and whey protein concentrate.
Milk Products Mahaan Domestic Business Recipes Contact Halwa Exports Financials Institutional Beats Expansion Faqs Poli Kopfhorer Profile Commitment Do
43 old mother hubbard manufacturer of
manufacturer of wellness and neura dog food and old mother hubbard dog treats, made with human grade chicken and fish, or hormone-free lamb and containing no animal by-products, rendered animal fats, or artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.
Old Mother Hubbard Oldy
44 Austral-Expa Dairy Products (ADPC) Suppliers of
Suppliers of dairy commodities and ingredients. Key products include milk fats, whey powders, caseins, milk powders and cheeses. Company profile, markets, products and contact details.

2. Shopping and Fats Trade

45 Stony Brook Cookie Company Gourmet cookies
Gourmet cookies with no trans fats or preservatives, baked to order, packaged in gift boxes or as favors.
Oil Squash Pressed Seed Pumpkin Brook Oils Stony Expeller How Food Lakes Cold Finger Wholeheartedfoods Batches Unrefined Huilerie
46 Aunt Candice Foods Cookies, protein
Cookies, protein bars, and baking mixes made from scratch, with no corn, wheat, dairy, preservatives, or hydrogenated fats.
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47 Rogue Valley Soap Company Made by
Made by the cold-process method using no animal fats, natural ingredients and essential oils. Order by mail.
Soap Natural Handmade Lavender Soaps Oregon Pass Made Oatmeal Soy Tealights Candles Grants Handcrafted Shea
48 Sierra Nevada Soap Co. Handmade soaps
Handmade soaps and skin care using herbs, essential oils, vegetable fats, milk. Offers gift baskets, lotions, bath teas, balms.
Soap Handmade Dishes Oils Sierra Company Nevada Soaps Lavender Essential Login Gallery Policies Sign Panel
49 Arts And Marys Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of potato chips made with thick sliced potatoes cooked in small batches with oils lower in saturated fats. Product information, contact details.
Store Contact Account Products Arts Shopping Cart Marys Ordinary Events Why Eat Z
50 Arts And Marys Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of potato chips made with thick sliced potatoes cooked in small batches with oils lower in saturated fats. Product information, contact details.
Shopping Arts Store Ordinary Marys Cart Account Products Contact Whyevents Eat Z
51 Ruths Hemp Foods Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of hemp-based health food. Hemp bars, hemp salad dressings, hemp oil, hemp snacks, hemp burgers, and a wide range of other hemp foods. Our products are GMO-free, with no hydrogenated fats, refined sugar, or other junk.
Quinoa Rice Blend Seeds Easy Goodness Chia Grains Healthy Einkorn Sprouted Grain Super Couscous Delicious Continent Pasta

3. Fats Recreation

52 Nutrition Facts Information about
Information about carbohydrates, fats, trans-fats, sugars, proteins, and other nutritional information about thousands of foods.
53 Transforming Perceptions About Trans Fatty Acids Article examining
Article examining adverse health claims made against the trans fats used to replace saturated fats in prepared foods.
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54 Ban Trans Fats Advocacy site
Advocacy site urging the banning of trans fatty acids. Contains consumer and product news and information on trans fats.
Here Trans York Click California City Fat Tiburon Mcdonalds County Restaurant Free Bantransfatscom Project Health
55 Fats, Pets and Health Pets First
Pets First article by David Dyble B.Sc., M.Sc., P.Ag. Nutritionist, on the role of fats and fatty acids in the canine and feline diets.
56 Nutrition Information on
Information on drinking fluids, caffeine, sugar, fats, sodium and other nutrients and issues pertaining to mitral valve prolapse are discussed.
Formula Plus Main Nutritional Water Product Co Anti Stress Support Heart Caffeine Complex Life Page Vita Minerals Fatigue Drink
57 In four
In four sections: Informs as to why blood cholesterol matters, guidelines for heart healthy living, cholesterol in children and fats and foods tables.
58 Give A Toss UK campaign
UK campaign to raise awareness of sperm donation by the National Gamete Donation Trust. Includes details of clinics, fats, downloads and online game.
59 Give A Toss UK campaign
UK campaign to raise awareness of sperm donation by the National Gamete Donation Trust. Includes details of clinics, fats, downloads and online game.
60 Nutrition for the Cat Article discusses
Article discusses the six major nutrients, and how they are utilized by the cat (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water). Includes chart comparing nutritional content of dry, canned and semi-moist foods.
Click Here Proceedz
61 Cat and Kitten Food Ingredients, Standards, and Requirements To assure
To assure that your cat or kitten is receiving good nutrition, you need to understand pet food ingredients, labeling, and nutritional requirements for fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in felines.
Food Requirements Pet Cat Cats Foods Kitten Care Standards Ingredients Nutritional Feeding Conditions Development Needs Helvetica Sans Supplies Infections Cancer Symptom

4. Computer & Fats Games Websites

62 FATS - Fixed Asset Tracking System Low cost
Low cost, asset tracking software designed to be used with portable data terminals.
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63 Innovation Data Processing Mainframe systems
Mainframe systems software company whose products include FDR (backup), ABR (automated backup), FDR/UPSTREAM (server-to-z/OS backup), FDRPAS (non-disruptive movement of DASD), IAM (transparent VSAM alternative) and FATS/FATAR (tape certification and recovery).
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5. Sports Websites concerning Fats

6. Society, Arts and Fats Crafts

64 en-mark law enforcement simulation technologies nationwide sales
nationwide sales and lease of fats firearm training systems and dts drivers training systems. en-mark is an authorized sales agent for both fats, inc. and faac, inc.
65 Sgt. Fats Links Post traumatic
Post traumatic stress disorder, 2nd Battalion, 47th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division, including Message Board. Photos and music onsite.
Fats Sgt Personal Future Please Phenomenal Thank John Mar The Member Free Opening Insights Benefits List Web Proud
66 B-Fats Includes a
Includes a biography, discography and message board. From
67 The Fats Domino Pages Fan page
Fan page features discography and biography.
68 nashville fats singer/songwriter/recording artist
singer/songwriter/recording artist that specializes in christian blues.
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69 fats waller includes discography
includes discography, sound files, and message board.
70 navarro, fats page page for the trumpeter includes a biography, photo gallery, and discography.
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71 fats waller at past perfect his songs
his songs and music digitally remastered. biography and samples available online.
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72 red hot jazz archive: fats waller biography, filmography
biography, filmography, and discography with sound samples.
York Waller Victor Jersey Camden Fats Blues London England Williams Razaf Johnson Love Baby Suite
73 Chow Yun Fats Fan Page Biography, filmography
Biography, filmography, pictures, movie posters, and video information.
Viewmore Business Started Small Yahoo Now Email Hosting Terms Website Aabaco Domains Account Help Web
74 waller, thomas 'fats' unsigned fan
unsigned fan site offers images of record labels as well as photos and sound files from the pianist and entertainer.
Yahoo Business Email Plans Marketing Ecommerce Small App Local Gallery Help Hosting Advisor Finance Central Style
75 fats waller biography, three
biography, three photos, and a classic downbeat article.
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76 dexter gordon profile and
profile and selected discography, with links to other artists gordon recorded or played with like billy eckstine, tadd dameron and fats navarro.
Sign Places Lifestream Policy Updated Everything Now People Rights Stay Account Networks Connecting Create Bulk
77 heptune: lorenz-pulte jazz page fan site
fan site profiling cab calloway, blanche calloway, louis armstrong, don redman, fats waller, frankie 'half-pint' jaxon, and lil johnson.
Calloway Jazz Blues Frankie Louis Guam Names Armstrong Blanche Redman Jaxon Fats Click Here Lorenz Pulte Webpage En Aten Works Art

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Domino / Fats Domino / Antoine Domino| United States rhythm and blues pianist an:
Waller / Fats Waller / Thomas Wright Waller: United States jazz musician (/-) Reviews for Fats. The business hours may vary on holidays like Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day - Statistics: 4 SiteBook Points for "Fats" (visitors of this topic page). Fats › Reviews & Experience Experience and Review Fats Opening Times and Reports. Date:

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