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1 Diamond-MT Conformal Coating
Diamond MT was founded in 2001 as a firm specializing in contract applications of Conformal Coatings for Department of Defense... Parylene Coating The Diamond Quote Guide Conformal This Coatings Management Remodal Request Acrylic About Removal
2 Advance Coatings Specializing in
Specializing in contract services of parylene conformal coatings for military and commercial electronics systems and medical devices.
3 Specialty Coating Systems Manufactures parylene
Manufactures parylene coating and table top spin coaters for University and R&D applications. Also produces iononic contamination testing equipment and solder paste inspection systems.
Parylene Coating Scs Services Systems Applications Form Click Request Technology New Announces Locations Engineering Specialty Properties Precisioncoat Leader

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Parylene Dictionary Reviews for Parylene. The business hours may vary on holidays like Valentine’s Day, Washington’s Birthday, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Easter eve and Mother’s day - Statistics: 3 SiteBook Points for "Parylene" (visitors of this topic page). Parylene › Reviews & Experience Experience and Review Parylene Opening Times and Reports. Date:

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Parylene is the trade name for a variety of chemical vapor deposited poly polymers used as moisture and dielectric barriers. Among them, Parylene C is the most popular due to its combination of barrier properties, cost, and other processing advantages.

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