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1 National Pouter & Cropper Club A club
A club devoted to the breeding, exhibition and promotion of all Pouter and Cropper pigeon breeds. Standards of perfection information. Pouter & Cropper articles.
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2 American Pigmy Pouter Club Promoting the
Promoting the pigmy pouter through club mettings, news letters, shows, and the Internet.
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3 The National Horseman Pouter Club Photos of
Photos of Scottish Horsemen, ancient thieving-style cropper pigeons, now enjoying a revival. Club contacts and brief history.
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pouter pigeon / pouter: one of a breed of pigeon that enlarge their crop until their breast is puffed out
sourpuss / picklepuss / gloomy Gus / pouter: someone with a habitually sullen or gloomy expression Reviews for Pouter. The business hours may vary on holidays like Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day - Statistics: 4 SiteBook Points for "Pouter" (visitors of this topic page). Pouter › Reviews & Experience Experience and Review Pouter Opening Times and Reports. Date:

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The Pouter pigeons are domesticated varieties of the rock pigeon, Columba livia, characterized by a very large, inflatable crop. They are kept as ornamental or fancy breeds, valued for their unusual appearance. There are many varieties of pouter with little in common except for the nature of the crop. The origin of the breed is unknown, but Pouters have been bred in Europe for at least 400 years.

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