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2. Shopping and Scientology Trade

3. Scientology Recreation

1 Sensory Deprivation The things
The things your mother never told you about - from organ trading to Scientology to facial hair of the future.
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2 Crackpots On The Internet Insolitology, the
Insolitology, the facetious study of oddity and weird sites on the web, from Alex Chiu to Scientology.
Insolitology Alleee Internet Section Human Study Chiu Entertainment Kooks Oddity Alex Magazine Reviews Ideas Outer Others Cube Apes
3 Ecstasy: The Traitor Exposed Find out
Find out the effects this drug can have on your body, emotions and mind. From the Church of Scientology International.
Scientology Ecstasy Drug Drugs Anti Free Truth Heroin Real Society Cocaine Xtc Entire Depression Ruin Mind_ Sites
4 Information on Ecstasy Information on
Information on MDMA, presented by the Church of Scientology.
Scientology Ecstasy Drug Drugs Anti Free Truth Cocaine Society Real Heroin Homepage Road Deadly Italy Mdea Mda

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6. Society, Arts and Scientology Crafts

5 Scientology: The Doctrine of Clarity A description
A description of Scientology, its beliefs and practices, and its spiritual heritage, presented by Dr. Subhash Sood. Information on the practice of Scientology in India.
Practitioners Scaling Speakers Mind Events Things Mudras Remember Life Calling Michigan Newspapers Thinking Body Gopi
6 - Scientology Report by
Report by Church of Scientology International spokesperson, Sue Taylor, on the status of religious freedom for the Scientology religion in Spain, Germany and other parts of Europe.
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7 Alt.religion.scientology FAQ v1.1 Covers alt.religion.scientology
Covers alt.religion.scientology history and culture, Scientology itself, and related topics. By Martin Hunt.
Scientology Hubbard Office Ars Org York Meter Faq Hubbards Dianetics Scientologists Thetan Subject Faqs Wholetrack
8 Scientology Critic Wont Face Retrial Trial of
Trial of a critic of Scientology on a misdemeanor charge ends in a hung jury due to worries that he was set up by the Church of Scientology. The prosecutors then dropped the charges. [St. Petersburg Times]
Times Tampa County News Pinellas Sports Scientology North Suspect Forums South Contact Travel Bay Weather Classified Text Only Entertainment Scholarships Troxler Pasco
9 Scientology loses copyright round Colorado nonprofit
Colorado nonprofit group FACTNet has won a critical round in a legal fight against the Church of Scientology, raising questions about whether Scientology has a legal right to keep hundreds of documents offline and out of the public eye. [CNET]
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10 Church of Scientology of Pasadena Contact information
Contact information, map, hours, links to other Scientology churches.
Scientology Church Beliefs Churches Hubbard Inside Dianetics Rights Principles World Ron Practices Human Events Basic
11 No Answers in Scientology Case Analysis of
Analysis of out-of-court settlement between Netcom and the Church of Scientology.
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12 The Truth Behind Scientology An in-depth
An in-depth study dealing with the controversy on whether or not Scientology is a religion.
Scientology Religion Truth Definition Court System Observations Vs Thought Scientologist Shocking Findings Behindof
13 Beliefnet - Scientology A concise
A concise description of the Scientology religion, its beliefs and practices.
Scientology Hinduism Physical Islam Spirit Matic Faiths Contact Nature Jainism Universe Buddhism State Immortal Adventist Advertisers Belief Sign Uk Terms
14 Beliefnet - Scientology A concise
A concise description of the Scientology religion, its beliefs and practices.
See Scientology Newsletters Hinduism Beliefnet Physical Now Features Spirit Popular Islam Faiths Matic Immortal Universe Scientologists Here
15 Anonymity: 0. Scientology: 1. About the
About the raid on, at the behest of the Church of Scientology. [Wired Magazine]
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16 Scientology Volunteers A blog
A blog about Scientology Volunteer Ministers and their various diaster relief and community activities.
17 International Church of Scientology Directory Lists all
Lists all local Scientology churches by continent around the globe.
18 Another Look at Scientology A former
A former member takes a critical look at both sides of the Scientology controversy.
Scientology Myths Anti Tory News Look Quick Christman Another Anonymous Ars Contact Whats Third Former Map Member
19 Scientology Now A personal
A personal web blog that covers many different aspects of Scientology and its uses in the world.
20 Scientology and Christianity Examined Examines the
Examines the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard and refutes his claim that Scientology is compatible with mainstream religions.
Scientology Hubbard Occult Christianity Church Fair Part Introduction Game Lrh Blackfeet Lisa Scientologists Christian Hubbards
21 Xyandra A stable
A stable east coast terminal, (central Virginia, USA), for those interested in pursuing Scientology outside of the Church of Scientology.
Freezone Scientology Website Meter Free Hosting Rons Church Jesus Websites They Virginia Xyandra Supervisor Business Click Churchesof
22 Scientology and Christianity Examined Examines the
Examines the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard and refutes his claim that Scientology is compatible with mainstream religions.
Scientology Hubbard Occult Christianity Church Part Fair Introduction Game Lrh Blackfeet Scientologists Lisa Christian Crowley Jesus Churches

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23 Elfman Gives Back To Scientology Dharma and
Dharma and Greg star opens a new Church of Scientology mission in San Francisco. []
24 Entheta Comparison of
Comparison of Scientology and Anthroposophy, for those who know a little about the former but are unfamiliar with the latter. Also a summary of the Church of Scientologys war on the Internet, and a list of those gravely injured by Scientology.
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25 Google Bows to Scientology! Message board
Message board discussing Googles March 2002 removal of sites critical of Scientology.
Profile Join Date Public Google Guest Quote Scientology Clambake Derleth Operation Italian Ferrari Originally Xenu
26 My Religion: Scientology A personal
A personal web log about Scientology activities and beliefs.
Scientology Church National Ribbon Week Drug Hubbard Religion Office Scientologist Affairs Ron Dc Washington Director Free
27 Scientology says its threatened by 'unadulterated cyber-terrorism' Church of
Church of Scientology position paper regarding its use of the DMCA to combat online copyright infringement.
Internet Church Scientology Declan Politech Google Churchs Copyright Hate Media Amendment Scientologists Act Relations Cnet Digital Record
28 The Man Behind Scientology David Miscavige
David Miscavige, the seldom-seen leader of the church, comes forth in his first newspaper interview to talk of a more peaceful time for Scientology. [St. Petersburg Times]
Miscavige Scientology Scientologys Times Page Scientologists Roberto Petersburg Clearwater Hubbard David Irs Sports Citrus Interact
29 Scientology Organizations Around the World A Scientologist
A Scientologist shares his personal experiences of all the different Scientology Church he has visited over the years. Includes some 3D maps and photographs.
Scientology Church Continue Leave Reading Rarr New Around World Churches Opens Tour Cincinnati Golden National
30 The Man Behind Scientology David Miscavige
David Miscavige, the seldom-seen leader of the church, comes forth in his first newspaper interview to talk of a more peaceful time for Scientology. [St. Petersburg Times]
Miscavige Scientology Times Scientologys Roberto Petersburg Page Scientologists Clearwater Irs David Hubbard Sports Yingling Lottery State Comics Click Serne
31 Alt.religion.scientology Denial of Service Attack Exposed Documents critics
Documents critics suspected cancelling of pro-Scientology posts in Usenet group.
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32 The Man Behind Scientology David Miscavige
David Miscavige, the seldom-seen leader of the church, comes forth in his first newspaper interview to talk of a more peaceful time for Scientology. [St. Petersburg Times]
Miscavige Scientology Scientologys Times Roberto Page Petersburg Scientologists Clearwater David Irs Sports Hubbard Garvey Commentary Comics
33 The Church of Scientology A page
A page with bits and pieces on the strange world of Scientology, by David H. Dennis. FAQs, legal documents, links.
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Our Recommendations:

34 Scientology Gives Truth, Including About Drugs Salt Lake
Salt Lake City Scientology minister responds to controversy about her religion. [Deseret News]
Utah Wire Sports County Advertise Family Report Ad Lake Salt Tv Life Marriage Education Lds Op Eds Letters Grizzlies Mormons News Columnists
35 The Man Behind Scientology David Miscavige
David Miscavige, the seldom-seen leader of the church, comes forth in his first newspaper interview to talk of a more peaceful time for Scientology. [St. Petersburg Times]
Miscavige Scientology Times Scientologys Petersburg Roberto Scientologists Page Clearwater Sports Hubbard Irs David Tampa Citrus State Europe
36 The Aberree A homegrown
A homegrown, strictly unofficial newsletter that billed itself as 'the non-serious voice of Scientology.' Grassroots perspective on Dianetics and Scientology in the 1950s and 60s. Complete archive.
Volume Scientology Aberree Hart Dear Non Serious Policy Voice Alphia Dianetics Editor Issue Cast Characters
37 About Scientology Summary of
Summary of Scientology beliefs and practices, including on such issues as gay marriage, the afterlife and the supreme being. Statistics on the religion. [Article by St. Petersburg Times]
News Tampa Scientology Sports Times Bay Place Pinellas Hubbard Scientologists Petersburg Email Ad Politics Deal Hurricane Go Carts Campers Obituaries
38 Scientology rebuttal Board member
Board member of the Church of Scientology Los Gatos voices his views on Scientologys actions on the Internet to protect its intellectual property rights.
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39 Wealden House Life Improvement Centre Scientology field
Scientology field auditors from East Grinstead, in the U.K., provide Scientology and Dianetics courses, workshops and spiritual counselling.
Wealden House More» Test Dianetics Improvement Personality Contact Life Copyright News Counselling Bookshop Information Party Scientology® Reserved Lizzy Stressunder
40 Scientology Silent Birth: Its A Natural Thing A
A Beliefnet interview with Rev. John Carmichael of the Church of Scientology explains why his religion frowns on talking during labor and delivery.
Scientology Birth Mind Christian Silent How Faiths Delivery Talking Believe Relevant Culturally Youre Newsletters Training Powered Unitarian Syndication Celebrities
41 BUs Scientology Connection: The Backlash Letter to
Letter to the editor from public relations director, Church of Scientology Eastern United States, discredits an alternative newspapers sources. [Boston Phoenix]
Scientology Kennedy Church Fishmans Kennedys Internet Boston Response Fishman Hassan Scientologists Scientologys Connection Information Roselle Harbor Web
42 Building Boom Expands Lodgings For Scientology Photo and
Photo and description of renovations of new hotel catering to parishioners coming to Clearwater for advanced Scientology studies and counseling. [St. Petersburg Times]
Times North Pinellas County Tampa News Sports Scientology Building Contact Forums Travel Weather South Text Only Perspective Scholarships Lodgings Melone
43 German Win2K Bug: Scientology? Officials are
Officials are investigating whether the countrys restrictions on Scientology might affect Windows 2000. How? Part of the software technology is provided by a company with links to the church. [Wired]
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44 Scientologists Shut Down ISP A report
A report that Dutch ISP Xtended Internet was cut off by its upstream provider, after the Church of Scientology threatened legal action. Also mentions Googles capitulation to a DMCA threat from Scientology. []
News Shut Isp Scientologists Forums Internet Xtended Off Google Dslreportscom Maps Dslreports Review Join Last Developed Replacing Register Latest

Our Recommendations:

45 Lev LAchim Launches Campaign to Fight Scientology The cult
The cult of Scientology is dangerous to the human mind, harmful to ones pocketbook, and uses deception to violate laws against forced religious conversion. [Deiah veDibur]
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46 Church of Scientology Essay by
Essay by Matt Bratschi detailing discrimination against new religious movements in Germany including the Church of Scientology.
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47 Scientology Religion News A weblog
A weblog that covers news and information on a number of religious subjects with an emphasis on Scientology.
Scientology Miscavige David Church Years Mexico Religion Volunteer City Opening Malibu Saturday Angeles First Ideal
48 Google U-turn in Scientology row Google reinstated
Google reinstated a link to an anti-Scientology site after coming under fire from free speech advocates. []
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49 Germany Debates Scientology A day
A day after thousands of Scientologists demanded religious freedom in Germany, the Church of Scientology seeks help from the German courts. [Associated Press]
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50 Christianity and Scientology--A Comparison Examines the
Examines the claim that the religious beliefs and teachings of Scientology are compatible with those of Christianity.
Scientology Hubbard Occult Christianity Church Part Fair Introduction Game Lrh Christian Lisa Blackfeet Scientologists Navy
51 What is a Scientology Wedding? An article
An article that summarizes many of the details concerning Scientology Wedding ceremonies. [Khaleej Times Online]
52 Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology Fan site
Fan site covering Tom Cruise views on Scientology and detailing some of his contributions to the community.
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53 Christianity and Scientology--A Comparison Examines the
Examines the claim that the religious beliefs and teachings of Scientology are compatible with those of Christianity.
Scientology Hubbard Christianity Occult Church Fair Part Introduction Lrh Game Christian Blackfeet Lisa Scientologists Crowley
54 Church of Scientology Mission of Riverpark The official
The official site of the Scientology Mission in Sacramento, CA California (U.S.A.) Includes location map, hours and description of services offered.
55 German Visitor Takes on Scientology German official
German official Ursula Caberta reports that in her country, Scientology is viewed as 'a new kind of political extremism.' [St. Petersburg Times]
Scientology German Scientologists Caberta Times Clearwater Germany County Tampa United Oldsmar States Scientologist Photo Columnists Street Light Taste Forums Opinion Howard

Our Recommendations:

56 Truth about the Church of Scientology and its Members A study
A study on the Church of Scientology, and controversy over its confidential scriptures.
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57 Mayor Hopes To Mend Rift with Scientology Clearwaters new
Clearwaters new mayor, Brian Aungst, speaks of his intentions regarding the Church of Scientology and its future relationship with the community. [St. Petersburg Times]
Clearwater Scientology Garvey Miscavige Aungst Scientologists County Times Business Tampa Citrus Nation State Columnists World Alive Garveys Other Wilmington
58 Critics Public and Private Keep Pressure on Scientology Scientology leaders
Scientology leaders say they want peace. They say they want to stay out of court. But with both foes at home and foes abroad, that goal may be elusive. [St. Petersburg Times]
Navigationshilfe Ty
59 Veritas Information on
Information on Scientology and the Church of Spiritual Technology. Includes articles accusing the Church of Scientology with the commission of improper and illegal acts. Sympathetic to the Free Zone.
60 Scientologists shut ISPs Net connection Dutch ISP
Dutch ISP Xtended Internet was cut off by its upstream provider after the Church of Scientology brandished legal threats against an Xtended customer who provides documents about Scientology. [ZDNet UK]
61 Scientology Celebrities Blog A weblog
A weblog about various Scientology celebrities and their current public activities.
Scientology Hubbard Ron Church Tom Cruise John Scientologist Celebrity Travolta Wiesenthal Center Cherie Dianetics Ceberano Blog
62 The Columbia Encyclopedia: The Church of Scientology An overview
An overview of the history and practices of the Church of Scientology.
Books Literature Classics Poetry Poems Quotations Free Style Anthologies Reference Novels Quotes Harvard Library Bartlebycom Fiction Printing Nathaniel
63 Scientology in Clearwater A personal
A personal weblog including news about Scientology activities in Clearwater.
Scientology David Miscavige Church Human Rights Clearwater Scientologyorg Hubbard Ron Sharp Scientologists Dianetics Youth Tampa
64 Church of Scientology Holds Gandhi Anniversary Celebration A brief
A brief article about a human rights event held at the Church of Scientology International, honoring great humanitarians of the 20th Century. [IndiaWest]
65 Scientology Seeks Millions as Punishment Church of
Church of Scientology attorney asks for heavy punitive damages against Ken Dandar, whom he says turned 'a garden variety wrongful death lawsuit' into 'a frontal attack on an entire religion'. [St. Petersburg Times]
Times Tampa County Pinellas News North Sports South Contact Weather Travel Scientology Text Only Homes Hernando Tampabay Business Millions
66 google pulls, replaces web page critical of scientology article with
article with comments from a google spokesperson, a scientology lawyer, and a staff attorney at the electronic frontier foundation. by elinor mills abreu. [reuters]
67 Church Pays Those it Reviled Circuit court
Circuit court judge says that the Clearwater police 'are coming very dangerously close to becoming a private security force for the Church of Scientology.' Scientology spokesman paints all critics as criminals. [St. Petersburg Times]
Times Pinellas North County Tampa News Church Sports Race Travel South Weather Contact Forums Billiris Pasco Text Only World Reserved Calendar Classified Opinion
68 How Ava Paquette Hoodwinked Google An examination
An examination of the Scientology lawyers DMCA complaint, which mixes charges of trademark infringements with alleged copyright issues. Going outside the scope of the law, she demanded that Google disable access to a site which criticizes Scientology.
69 Scientology Slips Through the Net Reviews the
Reviews the Religious Technology Center v. Keith Henson case, in which Henson posted a document called NOTs 34 on the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup, and was fined for violating the Church of Scietologys copyright. [Wired]
Follow Wired Uson Latest Miss Videos Subscribe Photo Page Footer News Facebookdont Whats Inspiring Features World
70 Unfair Game: Scientologists Get Their Man Feature story
Feature story concentrates on Keith Hensons misdemeanor conviction for picketing Scientology, and airs the belief that the Church of Scientology considers critics and ex-members to be 'fair game' for harassment and injury. [L.A. Weekly]
La Best Film Food Sign News Culture Article Weekly Marijuana Found Calendar Bars Reviews Promotions Page Comedy Community Arts
71 Amazon to restore Scientology title Responding to
Responding to customer criticism, said it will restore a book critical of Scientology to its list of available titles. [CNET]
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72 Scientology link to public schools As early
As early as the third grade, children in public schools are being taught concepts of Scientology by way of an antidrug program that some call unscientific. [San Francisco Chronicle]
Www| Sf Chronicle Drug Scientology Narconon Sfgate Church Public Estate Privacy Education Advertise Schools Program Anti Sfgate|navigation Scrutiny Cityvisit|ae Click
73 Police Work for Scientology Editorial says
Editorial says that it is unlikely that off-duty uniformed Clearwater police officers paid by the Church of Scientology could remain objective when incidents occur between the church and protesters. [St. Petersburg Times]
Times County Opinion Police Tampa Sports North News Pinellas Scientology Weather Contact Travel Forums South Outdoors Text Only Copyright Work
74 Scientology News from an Everyday Scientologist A weblog
A weblog that includes news and happenings in the Scientology world from the view of an everyday parishioner.
75 Silent Birth: Separating Reality From Myth, Church of Scientology International An article
An article where the Church responds to inquiries it has received concerning the application of Dianetics and Scientology principles to child birth. [Medical News Today]
Cancer Health Mnt Medicine Disease Medical News Sign Email Flu Obstetrics Care Birth Drug Pregnancy Skin Los
76 Net Archive Silences Scientology Critic The Internet
The Internet Archive, buckling under pressure from the Church of Scientology, removed all links to, and replaced them with a notice claiming the pages had been removed 'per the request of the site owner.' [CNET]
Newscomcom Goto Click Here Z
77 Scientology Melrose The web
The web log of the Scientology Mission in Melrose, California (U.S.A.) Includes brief descriptions of services and a visual tour of the mission.
Blogger Blog Video Tutorials Hilfe * Content Richtlinien Hilfeforum Namescientologymelrose Registrierung Buzz Gefunden Der Entwicklerforumhilfe
78 Random Religious News (Scientology and Else) A personal
A personal blog providing commentary on Scientology and other religious news events.
Scientology Church Hubbard Ron Religious Religion Volunteer News Ministers David Miscavige Dianetics Here Churches Religions
79 google makes scientology infringement demand public google has
google has made public the letter it received from scientology lawyers demanding it remove critical content from its search engine, complete with a list of allegedly infringing urls. [searchday]
Bull Industry Clickz Seo How Google Scientology Three Live Content Most Copyright Week Follow Mobile Sem Holiday
80 google pulls anti-scientology links 'google was
'google was accused wednesday of effectively removing from the internet a web site that is critical of the church of scientology after it deleted links to some of the sites pages from its search engine.' by matt loney and evan hansen. [cnet]
Found The Foundy
81 church v google, round 2 although
although is once again listed in google, the core issue has not changed: the church of scientology is using the dmca to censor its critics. and, through sleight of hand, scientology tries to apply copyright law to alleged infringement of trademarks in meta tags. [microcontent news]
82 Church v Google, round 2 Although
Although is once again listed in Google, the core issue has not changed: the Church of Scientology is using the DMCA to censor its critics. And, through sleight of hand, Scientology tries to apply copyright law to alleged infringement of trademarks in meta tags. [Microcontent News]
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83 Scientology: A Religion in South Africa Paper on
Paper on the religious heritage of Scientology by David Chidester, Professor of Comparative Religion, University of Cape Town, South Africa.
Page Oopstake Could Website Cantuseful Links * Foundhere Found
84 Google versus Church, round 3 Google now
Google now refuses to accept paid advertising for sites critical of Scientology. They are willing to accept payment from the Church of Scientology, however. [Microcontent News]
85 Aungst Looks To Mend Scientology, City Relations The former
The former mayor of Clearwater avoided mentioning the Church of Scientology. The mayor-elect admits to not knowing much about it, but hopes for better understanding between church and city officials. [St. Petersburg Times]
Navigationshilfe Ty
86 - Church of Scientology Forum interview
Forum interview with Peter Stoker of the National Drug Prevention Alliance on the anti-drug platform created by the Foundation for a Drug-Free Europe at the Church of Scientology International European Human Rights Office.
87 google removes dmca offenders, anti-scientology sites the latest googles swift
googles swift removal of anti-scientology sites is only a tip of the iceberg. search engines cannot be trusted as long as the dmca forces providers to cut off materials on a mere allegation, under threat of legal action. []
Intel Apple Ddr Quicks Palm Pda New Price Coming + Amds Xbox Pocket Athlon Amd Model Scientology Pretec
88 French Court Finds Church of Scientology Guilty of Breaching Privacy Laws A French
A French court fined the Church of Scientology for violating the privacy rights of former members, although prosecutors failed to convict on other charges. [Voice of America News]
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89 google yanks anti-church sites the church
the church of scientology has managed to remove references to anti-scientology sites from google, by citing the controversial digital millennium copyright act. [wired]
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90 Scientology link to drug case keeps jurors from reaching verdict Jurors in
Jurors in a misdemeanor case against Jesse Prince, a critic of the Church of Scientology, were unable to reach a verdict after some on the panel suspected the church had set him up. The vote was deadlocked at 4-2 in favor of acquittal. [Associated Press]
Prince Scientology Jurors Case Scurlock Church Verdict Entertainment Wire Weather Reaching Neighbors Marketplace Keeps Mail Press How Assistant
91 Scientology International Human Rights Director Provides a
Provides a biography of the Human Rights Director for the Church of Scientology International, Leisa Goodman, and includes links to related information.
Z Thetacom Y
92 Supreme Court refuses to review Church of Scientology libel case Ten years
Ten years after Time magazine ran an award-winning article portraying the Church of Scientology as a 'ruthless global scam,' the Supreme Court refused to consider reinstating the churchs libel case. [Associated Press]
Church Case Religion Scientology Libel Wild Buffalo Supreme Wings Court Faiths Story Churchs Matic Cover Celebrity Beliefnet Tippers
93 Yahoo! Groups - Scientology The Yahoo
The Yahoo Groups section contains 60+ Scientology discussion groups that range from pro to con plus maybe.
Yahoo Please Helpprivacy Found Also Inc Policy Terms Page Copyrightonlineservices Ifyoure Yahoos
94 BELIEVE: Scientology A brief
A brief description.
Information Scientology Source Court Religious Mail Hubbard Alphabet Believe Regarding Science Clarke Church Copyright Munich Face Text Modern Font
95 Welcome to My World Web log
Web log about Scientology events and activities.
Scientology Church Miscavige David Hubbard Office Ron National Washington Affairs Dc Churches Religious Center International Volunteer
96 Scientology Founder: What a Nut! Collection of
Collection of FBI files on L. Ron Hubbard.
Crime Gun Buster Woman Bizarre Document Documents Case Shots Friday Position Sex Beau Backstage Vagina Fun Heart Privacy Quothappy Sale
97 Paul and Jan Becker The Beckers
The Beckers tell how they met and married at the Church of Scientology.
Scientology Church Cats Institute Thmuscle@aolcom World Enterprises International Prrrdr@aolcom California Paul Purification Contact Helping Veterinarian
98 An Introduction to Scientology[tm] from a Critical Perspective For the
For the curious and the uninformed.
Scientology Iron Cast Chaos Internet Ew Modemac Introduction Webmaster Church Page Contact Copyright Create
99 Xenuphobia: An Introduction to Scientology A critics
A critics overview of the religion and its practices.
Scientology Emailhttpwwwscientologyorg Ron Introduction Hubbard Httpwwwxenunet Cultxenuphobia Church
100 Whats Going On? A personal
A personal web log that discusses Scientology and various observations about the world in which we live.
101 Church of Scientology International listing
International listing of critic-organized pickets.
Scientology Church Pickets Ethercat Altreligionscientology International Designs Germany Design Cult World Dangerous Co$ Note Signs Television
102 Janna Trevisanut Jana describes
Jana describes her interests, causes, career and what she has gotten from Scientology.
Here Knowledge Inc Personal Website Information Corporate Take Theinternet Homepage Need Myhusband Internet Httpwwwmentalhealthfactscom Copyright Trevisanut
103 Sloths Suppressive Persons Page An overview
An overview of the evidence against the Church of Scientology.
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104 Scientology on the World Wide Web A collection
A collection of links to pro and con sites. [St. Petersburg Times]
Scientology World Times County Pasco Action Citrus Nation Business Alive Tampa Travel Taste Wide State Taxhelp Tech Arts Review Employment Sections Columnists
105 Confronting A simple
A simple tool used in Scientology to help one cope successfully and improve ones life.
106 Deep Respect Personal blog
Personal blog covering news of the Scientology religion.
Scientology Hubbard Church Ron National Ribbon Office Week Drug Rights Affairs Human Sponsors Director International Morrow
107 Scientology VM Cavalcades A personal
A personal web log that documents many of the field activities of Volunteer Ministers.
108 My Scientology Blog Grahame, a
Grahame, a Scientologist for 20 years, shares his thoughts on the subject.
Scientology Church Dianetics Blog Hubbard Ron Basic Drugs Psychiatric Questions Science New World Religious Founder Drug
109 Dear Amanda One fathers
One fathers struggle with the courts and the Church of Scientology over his daughter.
Email Name * Denver Ecentral Hosting Us * Wordpress Street Error Page First Last Followfast
110 The Church of Scientology Two reviews
Two reviews of J. Gordon Meltons book, on publishers web site.
Books Signature Page Distribution Above Center Longer Mormonismand Looking Wordsmormon Rocky Booksr Existsclick
111 Janes Pages Homeschooling mom
Homeschooling mom talks about Scientology and her kids and offers help to other parents.
Children Scientology Quotes Homeschooling Visit Education Responsible Portugal Historic Learn Help World Reviews Parenting John Suicide Inducing Sponsored Hunger Hubbard Government
112 Raymond Pembroke Ray discusses
Ray discusses how he found practical answers to lifes problems in Scientology.
Navigationshilfe Ty
113 My Scientology Blog News, information
News, information and comment from a Scientologist about this religion and the community in general.
114 MSN Community: Scientology Group Scientologists share
Scientologists share their thoughts, quotes and favorite links.
Navigationshilfe Ty
115 Life as a Scientologist John Bryant
John Bryant of Phoeniz, AZ shares his thoughts about the Scientology religion.
116 The Claire Pages Fathers account
Fathers account of his daughters travails in the Church of Scientology Sea Organization.
Yahoo Business Email Plans Marketing Small Ecommerce Local Gallery App Help Advisor Hosting Domains Shut Localworks Music
117 Picket Fencing Profile of
Profile of Jeff Jacobsen, a critic of Scientology. [Phoenix New Times]
118 News on
News on Scientology, essays, FAQs, and humor. Presented by ex-Scientologist Arnaldo Lerma.
Here Link Scientology Story Lermanetcom Page Fraud Arnie Lerma Truth Scientologys Church Ex Click Dianetics Scn Free Shannon
119 ARC Team Scientology and
Scientology and Dianetics auditing and introductory courses offered. Site in English and German.
Team Welcome Hubbards Angeles Interstate Highways Contact Burbank Scientologytmcounselors Reality Affinity Arc Youcan Scientology Y
120 On Art and Living The personal
The personal weblog of artist, Laurel Sherrie on her art, ideas and thoughts about Scientology beliefs.
Scientology Hubbard Church Ron Human Ministers Volunteer Rights International Posted Chief Youth Artist Scientologists Future
121 New Church of Scientology Opens in Madrid Actor Tom
Actor Tom Cruise addresses the thousands in attendance. []
Human Rights Scientology Church Christian Community Faiths Believe Relevant Culturally Contact How Efforts Programs Matic Newsletters Dios
122 Interfaith Australia Cyrus Brooks
Cyrus Brooks shares his views on religious tolerance and his favorite Scientology links.
Yahoo Business Email Plans Ecommerce Marketing Small App Local Hosting Help Gallery Advisor Network Customer
123 Hollywoods Higher Powers Brief description
Brief description of Scientology and comparison with Kabbalah. [Ball State Daily News]
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124 Scientology Lives Valerie describes
Valerie describes her life, comments about current events and provides insights into her experiences as a Scientologist.
Posted Scientology Colorado Flag Church Kids Rights Youth Human Community Fair Environment Happiness Scientologistr World Nashville Yall Committed Way Ethics Complete
125 My Experience with Scientology - a True Story A personal
A personal account of becoming active as a Scientologist and being a staff member for five years.
Hosting Free Atspacecom Mysql Cost Cpanel Php Signup Professional Hostingsolutions Reliableprovider Ecommerce Domainnameinexpensive
126 Rick Ross: Scientology A large
A large collection of press articles related to the groups activities and impact.
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127 All Sides of the Story - Scientology An educational
An educational overview of the religion which includes information on beliefs, history and its concept of God.
128 Scientology Reaches Out To Troubled With Ad Campaign Describes the
Describes the Volunteer Ministers program to help those in distress after 9/11. [St. Petersburg Times]
Scientology Times County News Tampa Church Mental North National Health Sports Contact World Pinellas Hight Scientologists Ex Ceo Rays Schools Petersburg
129 Scientology Promises Long Fight The church
The church will vigorously battle charges in the Lisa McPherson case, an attorney says.
Scientology Times Mcpherson Clearwater Sports Pasco State Lyons Petersburg Interact Nation Lisa Church Entertainment Columnists Nov Copyright Rinder St
130 Theism Scientology found
Scientology found sadly lacking in any ability to foster true spiritual progress. Muslim perspective.
Theistic Soul Atheist Islam God Body Human Thetan Spirit Scientology Holism Monotheismthought Theism
131 James K. Newell Professional Scientology
Professional Scientology auditor offering to help with any communication problem and willing travel to provide counseling services.
Scientology Dianetics Viii Counseling Handling Work Problems Communication Auditor Dianetic Consultation Grief Click Relieving Stories Alabama Oklahoma Louisiana Difficulties
132 Scientology Takes Mission To The Streets News about
News about community activities and new buildings in the Tampa Bay area. [St.Petersburg Times]
133 Getting Clear at BU? Boston University
Boston University chairmans legal role in Scientology copyright flap raises questions. []
Follow Salon Paul Scott Kaufman Krugman Eric Donald News Uber Economy Bill Conor Media Illing Steven Trumps Hill Mccartney Lynch
134 Friends_Friends Journal A personal
A personal weblog covering a wide variety of current news and topics in the Scientology community.
Scientology Miscavige Church David Hubbard Ron Religion Scientologists Mr New Centre Celebrity Ministers Livejournal Anti Drug Volunteer York
135 Dan Trammell Dan, who
Dan, who loves his kids and wife, his motorcycle and his work, and attributes his success in life to applying what hes learned in Scientology.
Viewmore Business Started Yahoo Small Now Email Hosting Privacy Help Domains Please Web Account Terms Affiliate
136 Scientology Reaches Out in Malls in California Scientologists offer
Scientologists offer stress tests to the public as an introduction to the subject. [Indianpolis Star]
News Learn Indianapolis Ind Photos Advertisement Scientology California Living Indy Indystarcom Privacy Retro Deals Shopping Business *
137 Beliefnet: Scientology Background and
Background and history, 'What Scientologists Believe' and message boards for discussion by believers, critics, and the curious. Primarily focused on CoS.
Hinduism Scientology Islam Spirit Physical Faiths Matic Buddhism Jainism Newsletters Nature State Immortal Contact Adventist Universe Belief Specifications
138 Leap of Faith This article
This article covers the growth of Scientology in India and provides a summary of its basic principles. [Times News Network]
Videos Photos News Beauty India Sports Business Font Article Size Tv Tech Other Delhi Pageants Seekers Mf
139 Cruise Credits Scientology for his Success On Access
On Access Hollywood, this actor said study technique helped him deal with dyslexia. [MSNBC]
Advertise Pinterest Email Today Print Access Headline Discussion Entertainment News Nbcnewscom Show Todaycom Hollywood Cruise Room Hoda
140 Scientologists Lose a Round in Copyright fight The war
The war between Scientology and its online opponents may have no visible end, but victory in the latest skirmish goes to the Net. []
141 Clam-Nanny Cracked The list
The list of banned servers, forbidden newsgroups and censored words from the Church of Scientology censorware.
Cracked Scott] Yager] Clam Nanny Minton] Goehring] Trenite] Smith] Hubbard] Brouwer] Robert] Randolph] Fishman} Dennis Gormez] Hassan] Bird]
142 Beliefnet: Scientology Background and
Background and history, 'What Scientologists Believe' and message boards for discussion by believers, critics, and the curious. Primarily focused on CoS.
Hinduism Scientology Physical Spirit Islam Matic Faiths Jainism State Immortal Contact Adventist Newsletters Universe Buddhism Nature Belief Scientologists Quiz Policy
143 The Professional Help Group Providing a
Providing a full range Scientology and Dianetics counselling services. Fully licensed and based in the United Kingdom.
Navigationshilfe Ty
144 Women’s Auxiliary of the Scientology Churches A weblog
A weblog that focuses on the church Womens Auxilary and the Volunteer Ministers program and their various activities in the community.
Scientology Church Auxiliary Women’s Emily Click Here Lepone Pm Closet Ministers Cathy Volunteer Drugs Churches
145 Kelly and John Take Journal to Scientology Central Two high
Two high profile Scientologists give some insight into what they gain from this religion. [Contactmusic News]
John Music Kelly News Video Pictures Videos Maleficent Premiere Movie Travolta New Album Held Celebrity Kate Love Magazine Ping
146 Scientology Foes Continue Rancor Article by
Article by Deborah ONeil about Lisa McPhersons case, trying to give a balanced view. (St. Petersburg Times)
Times County Tampa News North Pinellas Scientology Sports Travel Troxler South Weather Contact Forums Pepin Rood Area Mary Text Only Floridian Classifieds Pastor
147 Scientology Founders Family Life Far from What He Preached L. Ron
L. Ron Hubbard was a bigamist, twice divorced, accused by one of his estranged wives of torture. Article in the San Francisco Chronicle.
Sfgate Hubbard Scientology Chronicle Privacy Ad Blogs Careers Policy News According Sports Advertise Business Family Giants Mention Public College Register
148 Scientology in the Machine The German
The German government is examining whether a utility developed by a Scientologist would prohibit public agencies from installing Windows 2000. [Wired]
Contact Wired News Constitution Privacy Tech Faq Business Own Mind Scientology Media Scientologist German Biz Source Reddit
149 Life Improvement Consultant - Paulette Layton A Scientology
A Scientology counseling group located in Toronto, Canada. Provides descriptions of all services available and success stories.
Improvement Hubbard Layton Scientology Consultant University Services Life Successes Photos Paulette Technology Contact Center Design Counsellors Communication
150 The Truth About Scientology Information about
Information about technology within and outside the CoS, Church of Scientologys declining statistics, alterations to Hubbards writings, revisionist history, and related topics.
Scientology Analysis Statistics Truth Scientologys Lists Tech Kristi Celebrity Wachter Source Impact Clear Freewinds Scientologists Whats Clearwater Completions
151 Springing Moser An article
An article by Alan Cabal that calls on the Church of Scientology and the Citizens Commission on Human Rights to help get his friend out of psychiatric institution.
Found Yorks Nypresscom |page Politics Guide News Arts New Error Cultureessential
152 Helping Others in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina One Scientology
One Scientology Volunteer Minister tells of his day to day experiences as part of the disaster relief team in Louisiana in 2005.
153 scientology lawyer promises to continue 'appropriate action' helena kobrin
helena kobrin writes that her firm is merely protecting intellectual property rights. [linux journal]
Re New Scientology Linux Lawyer Promises Continue Rss Video Ground Fixed Development Moral Policy High Firefoxs Takedown Videos Crowded
154 Scientology Told to Release Notes on Late Member A judge
A judge gives the church a delay so it can fight for the privacy of a practice it compares to confession. [St. Petersburg Times]
Scientology Mcpherson Tampa Moody Dandar County Scientologists Times Church Pasco Travel Mcphersons World Citrus Alive Opinion Spring Hernando
155 L. Ron Hubbard, GW & Scientology An article
An article that outlines L. Ron Hubbards history at George Washington University and how the current student body is learning of this and the religion he started. [The GW Hatchet]
Hubbard Hubbards Hatchet Scientology Scientologists University Gw Policy Browse Church Washington Print Disqus Newsroom Sports Taylor Join Muslim
156 Scientology Offers Practical Answers Commentary from
Commentary from Rev. Cathy Norman on the Austin church explains some of the most basic principles of the religion. [San Antonio Express-News]
Stories News Antonio Business Local Sports Entertainment Lifestyle World Food Cars Homes Jobs Opinion Express Footgolf Houses California Moab
157 Scientology Would be an Asset Two Michigan
Two Michigan Scientologists share their views on their religion, its social betterment programs and its volunteer ministry. [Traverse City Record Eagle]
City Traverse News Record Story Eagle Contact Sports Editor Headlines Services Local Letters Editorial West Nationworld Beach Gallery Forms
158 Scientology Tries To Move Forward Despite Attacks Complaining about
Complaining about the spin put on news coverage, three readers discuss the Churchs legal battles in Clearwater. [St. Petersburg Times]
Times Opinion County Behavior Tampa Church North Sports News Scientology Pinellas Wheel Dying Weather South Tax Cut Text Only Terms Letters@sptimescom Despite
159 Making A Difference A personal
A personal weblog about the Scientology Volunteer Ministers program and community outreach activities, including current disaster relief efforts.
Scientology Volunteer Ministers Brian Minister Hubbard Pm Dianetics Scientologyvolunteer Ron India Tuesday Help Disaster Relief
160 Forget Scientology, how about Opus Dei Thanks to
Thanks to the fervor over “The Da Vinci Code,”, this close-knit Catholic movement is the only fringe religious group that is also a household name. From
Advertise Pinterest Email Today Entertainment News Discussion Nbcnewscom Dei Show Opus Headline Print Movies Todaycom Da Ads
161 Scientologists Buy Red Cross Building The Church
The Church of Scientology has completed the latest in a series of land purchases that will help clear the way for its downtown expansion project. [St. Petersburg Times]
Scientology Cross Court Sports Petersburg Avenue Scientologists Street Clearwater Times Harrison State Northpinellas Interact Entertainment Nation Taste
162 The Road to Perfection This essay
This essay covers the Scientology doctrine that human beings are basically good and how this relates to raising the moral and ethical standards of the individual.
Scientology Change Article Road Individual Hubbard Perfection They Ron Science Another Church Works Crime Part Failures Italy Same
163 My Church of Scientology Blog Information on
Information on Church events, personalities, news and activities.
Scientology Church London Volunteer Religion Boston Posted Mikeb Scientologists Miscavige Ministers David Hubbard Roberts Berlin
164 Scientology Volunteer Ministers A Volunteer
A Volunteer Minister talks about some of his personal experiences.
Googleclearing Whoops Your Errorwordpresscom Instructions
165 Scientology Volunteer Ministers Auction Celebrity auction
Celebrity auction to help with South Asia tsunami relief.
166 Photography Los Angeles & The World A personal
A personal weblog that offers photography of many of the Scientology churches and events from around the globe.
Scientology Angeles Verge Berlin Pm Church Tolerance Presidents Beliefnet Photography Religious Day Photoshoot Exhibit Belief
167 Who is Wachter Kristi Wachter
Kristi Wachter is supposedly a Scientology 'critic' but this blogs calls her actual intentions into question.
Wachter Kristi Wednesday Other Think Friday Toys Thursday Rollin Labor Ill Thats Theres Posts Wacher
168 The $cientology Cartoon Page Weekly (or
Weekly (or not) cartoon criticism of Scientology.
Cartoon Page $cientology Catalogue Waa Marez Note
169 Scientology, Dianetics and L. Ron Hubbard A description
A description of the religion and its founder L. Ron Hubbard.
Scientology Jere | Matlock Stories Suing Children Family Joins Registering Worth Larr Connecticut Eli Blog Cyclone Math Poems
170 Work And Study Mark The Way Scientology Volunteer
Scientology Volunteer Minister from San Diego, California interviewed on her life experience and current service to the community. [SanDiego Union-Tribune]
San Diego Union Tribune Privacy News Signonsandiegocom Kit Gt Ozzie Knew Media Roberts Rights Policy Protests Singles Wine
171 Commentary: Scientologys New Tack Church of
Church of Scientology officials now admit they made a mistake in the case of the Lisa McPherson, who died in the organizations care, but questions remain.
Mcpherson Scientology Commentary Sports Mccabe Pasco State Times Petersburg Interact Citrus Lisa World Scientologists Lottery Classifieds Wood Bernie
172 Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought A description
A description of what is in this book by L. Ron Hubbard, including a summary of questions answered by it to increase self-confidence, potential and improve an individuals chances for happiness.
173 Public Service Ads Banned from Buses The transit
The transit authority limits ads to 'commercial transactions' after anti-Scientology messages draw church protest. [St. Petersburg Times]
Scientology Pinellas Army Gateway Salvation Authority Petersburg They Sports Public Times Zimmet Church Transit Heard Eleven World Tampa Bless
174 For Tsunami Survivors, A Touch of Scientology A Washington
A Washington Post article on relief efforts in southern India, including interviews with volunteers and information on techniques used. [MSNBC]
Nbcnewscom News Advertise Travel Weather Pages Careers Local Meet Press Politics Video Nightly Entertainment Msn World Bing
175 Leaving the Fold Third-generation Scientologist
Third-generation Scientologist, disillusioned, broke away from the Church of Scientology. In turn, they declared her father a 'suppressive person' and tried to paint her as an extortionist. [San Francisco Chronicle]
Scientology Church Woodcraft Sea Sfgate Org Quot He Organization Chronicle Said Privacy Astra World Ad Houzz Public Growth Reddit Tech Calendar
176 Breaking Silence on Quiet Births With recent
With recent questions about “quiet or silent birth”, the Church of Scientology provides answers about birthing technique. [The State - Cox News Service]
Columbia News Local Football Go Sports State Usc Crime Gamecocks Sc Business Politics Education Breaking Carolina Baseball Thestatecom Kendall Articles
177 Unorthodox Arrest Enzo Di
Enzo Di Matteos article on the Keith Henson case: 'Church of scientology calls cops and has one of its harshest and most vocal critics jailed.' [Now Magazine]
178 Seekers of Truth Association Al Guerrero
Al Guerrero offers Scientology and Dianetics seminars. Includes list of recommended books by L. Ron Hubbard, sign-up form and related links.
179 They Blinded Crime with Science Article on
Article on the Church of Scientology of Bostons outreach efforts to handle crime and violence.
Domain See Domains Testimonials Policy Help Maurahennigancom Call Joannesalleycom Terms Usd Business Mst Amandadavidsoncom Click
180 Doug Fairchild Whimsical website
Whimsical website of an artist (and his dogs). Doug also shares how he has used Scientology to help people for thirty years.
Scientology Study Technology Ive Fair Penny Hubbards Ill They Dianetics Tent Then Auditor Depending Ioften Sometimes
181 The Alf Blog A personal
A personal blog that offers many opinions about the world at large and recommends specific Scientology references to read.
182 Big Yellow Tents Next to Hemming Plaza A brief
A brief article about Scientology Volunteer Ministers traveling from city to city like missionaries.
183 UpTone News A personal
A personal blog of a Scientologist that explores a personal range of interests and discusses various topics about Scientology.
Scientology Adhd Hubbard Drugs Cchr Hill Drug Ron Bgt Uk International Saint Psychiatry Blog Arts Free Anti
184 L. Ron Hubbard Series of
Series of quotes alternating between official Scientology accounts of L. Ron Hubbards biography and accounts critical of this record.
Internet Hughesnet Satellite Call Deals Gen Installation | Limited Cheap Faqs Rural Mi Want Contact Only Today Copyright Everywhere
185 The Wacky Cult News A selection
A selection of news stories, book excerpts, and court records critical of Scientology.
186 Copyright--Or Wrong? The Church
The Church of Scientology takes up a new weapon--the Digital Millennium Copyright Act--in its ongoing battle with critics. []
187 Bridge Publications, Inc. Publisher of
Publisher of L. Ron Hubbards works on Scientology and Dianetics and his fiction works. Also carries audio and video products.
Awards Lectures Findoutmore Books Audiobooks Ron Basics Hubbard Design Industry Dianetics Beginning American Book National Indie Comes
188 The Top 14 Songs on the Scientology Album Suggested by
Suggested by readers of, inspired by the Church of Scientologys release of an album with lyrics by L. Ron Hubbard.
189 Hush-Hush Money An anti-Scientology
An anti-Scientology activist claims that the church made him an offer he had to refuse: $12 million. [Westword]
Denver Mobile Deals Music Blog Best Events Dating New Ads Times Scientology Mj News Film Hush Lawrence Seventeen
190 FPM: A Scientology Network Engineers Blog A personal
A personal web log of a Scientologist IT professional that covers many of the activities of Volunteer Ministers and other Church activities.
Scientology David Miscavige Opening Dianetics Mr Ministers Book Thon Blog Volunteer Johannesburg Botswana Villagers Engineers Help
191 Seattle and Scientology A Scientologist
A Scientologist from Seattle, Washington posts her views about her religion, psychiatrists, movie stars and variety of other subjects.
Scientology David Miscavige Today Ministers Volunteer Church Center London Sarabeth Pm Technology Resources India Florida
192 Curiously, An Outpost of Scientology Describes the
Describes the Boston churchs Dorchester volunteer ministry and their tutorial program. [The Boston Globe]
Boston Globe Policy News Local Bostoncom Most Advertise Follow Greater Sports Business Posting Lifestyle Todays Text Week Outpost
193 Philosopher L. Ron Hubbard A personal
A personal weblog concentrating on the application of L. Ron Hubbard technology in Scientology churches and secular programs and activities.
Scientology Hubbard Scientologist Church Ron Barbara Meet Schneider Philosopher Schneiders Happy Nations Health Channel Ending News Diego Born Opening
194 French Scientology Case Barred Paris judge
Paris judge drops thirteen year old case against Church in France. [Associated Press]
195 The Scientology Religion Helping Children Covers such
Covers such community programs as drug-prevention, literacy, human rights education and volunteer ministers and how they assist young people.
196 The Rediscovery of the Human Soul by L. Ron Hubbard A publicist
A publicist asked Robert Todd Carroll to consider this book. He obliges, at considerable length. Scientology is not a religion, and not scientific, he says, it is perhaps best described as a philosophical cult.
Hubbard Scientology Science Dutch Russian Hubbards Japanese Korean Carroll Skeptics Note Schopenhauer Swedish Robert German Perception Turkish Hungarian Unlike
197 Scientology Expands At Home After several
After several years of global expansion around the world, the Church now plans to finish its long-delayed Flag Building by next year, officials say. [St. Petersburg Times]
News Tampa Shaw Clearwater Scientology Pinellas Sports Times Building Email Bay Last Business Petersburg Flag Print Rays Breaking Hillsborough
198 David Miscavige - International News A weblog
A weblog about recent activities and public addresses given by David Miscaviage at Scientology celebrations and events.
Scientology Miscavige Church David Portland Ideal Opening Grand Scientologists Center Mr Opens California Office City
199 Drug Free Ambassadors Blog A Scientology
A Scientology minister in Australia provides news and current information about the anti-drug program he runs.
Instructionswhoops Your Google Errorwordpresscom Clearing
200 The Truth about Drugs Nick and
Nick and Sadie James are commended for their anti-drug activities as members of the Church of Scientology Drug-Free Marshals.
201 Quiet birth Practice Raises A Commotion An article
An article that discusses that although the Scientology birthing practice is stiring up questions, the experts say the idea isnt anything new.
High Oc Buy Ad Orange School County Place New Deals News Jobs Food Champion Rebounds Epa Says Parks Streaming Syrians
202 Drug Free Ambassadors Church of
Church of Scientology drug prevention in Australia. Includes facts and specific programs to help teens stay clean.
Navigationshilfe Ty
203 Scientology Volunteers Step Up, Help Hurricane-Hit Communities Describes actions
Describes actions of volunteers helping after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. [Winston-Salem Journal]
204 Internet is battleground in foes war of information Around the
Around the clock, from Norway, the Netherlands, Australia and every corner of the United States, the critics of Scientology discuss the controversial organization and its practices. [St. Petersburg Times]
Scientology County Internet Times World Citrus Tampa Pasco Alive Action Travel Nation Business Hernando Opinion Lund Sections Specials
205 Conversion Course Review of
Review of the Scientology film 'Orientation.'
Scientology Boston News Church Archives Bazer Mark Phoenix Travolta Abuses Youre Greed Feature Opinion Inside Movie_
206 Film Threat: Orientation 'L. Rod
'L. Rod Rez' reviews and rates this introduction to Scientology.
207 Salon: Missionary Man An article
An article on Tom Cruises private conviction and public role in Scientology.
208 John Travolta: The Well Rounded Interview The actor
The actor tells about his comeback, his family and Scientology.
Well Brucehgy@gmailcom Click Copyright Escrow Process Reserved Roundedcom This Rights Purchase Contact Here Throughdomain
209 jive aces, the presented by
presented by the church of scientology. includes information on the band and song lyrics.
Jive Aces Swing News Guide Latest Band Uks Behind Scenes Blog Audio Drugs Summertimeswingeventbritecouk Worthing Eastgrinstead Gig Three Dianetics
210 Jive Aces, The Presented by
Presented by the Church of Scientology. Includes information on the band and song lyrics.
211 Cinema Confidential - John Travolta Swordfish Article in
Article in which he speaks about his career, plans, and Scientology.
Best Rates Mortgage Free Credit Smart Tickets Cheap Insurance Health Phones Report Cineconcom Construction Control Policy Page Application Legal
212 IMDb: Orientation: A Scientology Information Film (1996) Cast and
Cast and credits, viewer comments and rating.
See Tv News Scientology Reviews Film User Popular Full Message Movies Edit Credits Cast Information Latest Guide Interest
213 Onion AV Club: Mojo Nixon Interviews the
Interviews the man behind 'Don Henley Must Die' on his dislike of Scientology, Pat Buchanan, Morrissey and HMOs.
214 Leah Remini - Working Hard as a Queen Among Kings An interview
An interview with the actress about Scientology and her career, life and aspirations.
Cnn Leah Remini Career Cnncom Whats Acting How Transcripts Services Tv Sci Show International Mail Attitude Brazen Bonnie Images
215 John Travoltas 18-year Journey Interviewed focused
Interviewed focused on his adaptation of L. Ron Hubbards Battlefield Earth, his involvement in Scientology, and his new baby daughter.
216 MSNBC: Dateline NBC: Catching up with Tom Cruise Interview with
Interview with Katie Couric in which the actor talks about family values, Scientology, and his film, 'The Last Samurai.'
217 Free Katie Pictures, profile
Pictures, profile, links to articles, parody song, commentary, and merchandise dedicated to freeing Holmes from Tom Cruise and Scientology.
Wordpress Katie General Support Plugins Blog Ideas Discussion Suggest Themes Forum Free Planet Documentation Entries Posh
218 Floridian: Real Problems with a Fictional Movie Discussion of
Discussion of 'The Profit' and the Church of Scientology, with pictures from the movie.
Alexander Profit Scientology Real Times Floridian County Hubbard Church Photo Courage City Sections Shaw Powers Fictional Festival Problems Ongoing
219 Haywood You Remember Garden City Park Star of
Star of 'Whats Happening' interviewed on his career, Scientology, growing up in New York and his personal goals. [Mineola American]
Nelson City Park Garden Mineola News Whats Haywood Happening Nelsons Community Newspaper School Remember Internet Anton Local
220 Jenna Elfman Official site
Official site discusses her life and career, including information on her involvement in Scientology. Includes letters, image gallery, favorite things, links and fan club.
221 Kirstie Alley Buys Presley Mansion News article
News article about actress purchase of the Clearwater, Florida, home of Lisa Presley, discussing both womens involvement in Scientology.
Alley Presley Clearwater County Times Kirstie Scientology Harbor Photo Pinellas Palm Scientologists Tampa Buys Bay Gulf Presleys Push
222 Jive Aces, The British swing
British swing band. Presented by the Church of Scientology. Tour information, lyrics, member information, swing speak, CD, Real Audio samples.
223 jive aces, the british swing
british swing band. presented by the church of scientology. tour information, lyrics, member information, swing speak, cd, real audio samples.
Jive Aces Swing Band Guide Latest News Dayer Gig Behind Scenes Audio Press Pack Sussex Summertimeswingeventbritecouk Eastgrinstead Daddios Prima Three Laurie

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Scientology / Church of Scientology: a new religion founded by L. Ron Hubbard in and characterized by a belief in the power of a person's spirit to clear itself of past painful experiences through self-knowledge and spiritual fulfillment Reviews for Scientology. The business hours may vary on holidays like Christmas Day, New Years Day, Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Martin Luther King Day) - Statistics: 4 SiteBook Points for "Scientology" (visitors of this topic page). Scientology › Reviews & Experience Experience and Review Scientology Opening Times and Reports. Date:

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Scientology is a body of religious beliefs and practices created in 1954 by American science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard . After he developed Dianetics, the Dianetics Foundation entered bankruptcy and Hubbard lost the rights to his seminal publication Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health in 1952. He then recharacterized the subject as a religion and renamed it Scientology, retaining the terminology, doctrines, the E-meter, and the practice of auditing. Within a year, he regained the rights to Dianetics and retained both subjects under the umbrella of the Church of Scientology.

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