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1 The Sordid Tale of 'Case puts
'Case puts most bizarre domain name back in the spotlight.' By David Lawlor. [CNN Money]
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2 The Sordid Saga of 'Stephen Cohen
'Stephen Cohen built a US$100-million porn empire on Theres just one problem. The two-time convicted felon stole the name, foes say.' By Craig Bicknell. [Wired]
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3 Ruling: It Wasnt Stolen 'Domains arent
'Domains arent property, a judge rules in the long, sordid case of Therefore, the guy who managed to grab it from its first owner doesnt have to give it back.' By Craig Bicknell. [Wired]
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4 sordid: vnv nation: being a little bit productive interview with
interview with ronan harris by girl.
Sorted Magazine Sordid Gothic Industrial Ebm Music Irish Atmospheric Electro Interviews Dark Ireland Reviews Crap
5 Underworld Weekly humor
Weekly humor strip by Kaz, about sordid doings in a surreal city.
6 sordid magazine interviews, reviews
interviews, reviews and features covering gothic, industrial, ebm, electro, atmospheric and related genres.
Sorted Magazine Sordid Gothic Ebm Industrial Music Dark Irish Atmospheric Interviews Ireland Electro Reviews Genres

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sordid: meanly avaricious and mercenary, "sordid avarice", "sordid material interests"
flyblown / squalid / sordid: foul and run-down and repulsive, "a flyblown bar on the edge of town", "a squalid overcrowded apartment in the poorest part of town", "squalid living conditions", "sordid shantytowns"
dirty / sordid: unethical or dishonest, "dirty police officers", "a sordid political campaign"
seamy / seedy / sleazy / sordid / squalid: morally degraded, "a seedy district", "the seamy side of life", "sleazy characters hanging around casinos", "sleazy storefronts with...dirt on the walls"- Seattle Weekly, "the sordid details of his orgies stank under his very nostrils"- James Joyce, "the squalid atmosphere of intrigue and betrayal" Reviews for Sordid. The business hours may vary on holidays like Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day - Statistics: 4 SiteBook Points for "Sordid" (visitors of this topic page). Sordid › Reviews & Experience Experience and Review Sordid Opening Times and Reports. Date:

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