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1 Stanford Advanced Materials Chemicals Company
Lake Forest
Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a global supplier of a series of pure metals, alloys, ceramics and minerals such as... Metal Alloy Materials Evaporation Magnets Ceramic Compound Niobium Crucible Products Material Molybdenum Tungsten Earth Laboratory
2 China Tungsten Specialist tungsten
Specialist tungsten and tungsten carbide manufacturer and supplier in the Chinese Mainland.
3 Chongyi Zhangyuan Tungsten Co. A Chinese
A Chinese producer of tungsten and tungsten carbide nanopowders.
4 Buffalo Tungsten Incorporated Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of pure tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder.
5 Tungsten Heavy Powder, Inc. Purchases tungsten
Purchases tungsten scrap and uses powder metallurgy to recycle it into a spheroidal-grain high-density heavy tungsten powder, formerly known as Technon. Specifications, applications, and contacts.
Tungsten Powder Heavy Density Scrap High Inc Spheres Buy Carbide Wha Call Sintered Metals Based
6 Tungsten Heavy Powder, Inc. Purchases tungsten
Purchases tungsten scrap and uses powder metallurgy to recycle it into a spheroidal-grain high-density heavy tungsten powder, formerly known as Technon. Specifications, applications, and contacts.
7 cmw tungsten-based alloys produced tungsten-based
produced tungsten-based alloys that could be used for ballast in models. tungsten is heavier than lead.
Metals Cmw High Contacts Density Based Contact Resistance Electrical Welding Copper Tungsten Consumables Media Specialty Announces
8 Midwest Tungsten Service, Inc. Supplier and
Supplier and fabricator of tungsten, molybdenum and tantalum. Manufacturer of a complete line of evaporation sources and materials for vacuum deposition of thin films.
9 carbite golf introduced polar
introduced polar balanced tungsten weighted putters and features the tungsten tri-weight putters and other models.
10 carbite golf introduced polar
introduced polar balanced tungsten weighted putters and features the tungsten tri-weight putters and other models.
11 voss metals buys and
buys and sells many types of metals. beryllium, niobium, molybdenum, cobalt, tungsten, stellite, carbide and tungsten.

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12 China Tungsten & Molybdenum Export Co. Exporter of
Exporter of Tungsten and Molybdenum welding products.
Tungsten Alloy Carbide Copper Molybdenum Tools China Products Heat Titanium Wire Plate Cutting News Shielding
13 Tungsten Products Densalloy, our
Densalloy, our heavy alloy product, is offered as machinable blanks or finished parts precision machined to the customers specs. Densabore is our tungsten alloy material for boring bars and grinding quills.
14 Trifine Industries Suppliers of
Suppliers of high purity tungsten salts.
Acid Tungstate Sodium Chemicals Manufacturers Industrial Manufacturer Oxide Suppliers Cobalt Tungstophosphoric Tungsten Exporter Supplier Dodeca Dihydrate
15 inkling pen company makes pens
makes pens where bodies are surfaced with tungsten carbide.
16 H.C. Starck Inc. Supplier of
Supplier of tantalum, niobium, tungsten, molybdenum products and powders.
17 Tungsten Brand Marketing Creates new
Creates new names and tag lines for businesses and their products.
Company Brand Branding Naming Name Rebranding Business Repositioning Development Changing Steps Five Capabilities Case Clients Positioning Study Reasons
18 Jiangyan Guangming Chemical Factory Produces and
Produces and recycles tungsten and molybdenum metals and compounds. Located in China.
19 China Pacificarbide, Inc. Supplier of
Supplier of tungsten carbide, forged, cast, and machined steel tools, blanks, and saw teeth.
20 Dannyboy Services, LLC Providing a
Providing a generously equipped 3-ton grip truck, tungsten, HMI, generator, camera dollies, and technical labor. Atlanta.
Film Dannyboy Services Grip Atlantas Best Llc Lighting Value Tv Boydanny Url Call
21 King Kong Tools Wearparts for
Wearparts for grinders, mowers and stump cutters. Also produces machine specific tungsten carbide teeth.
22 Asahi Trading Co., Ltd Japan. Design
Japan. Design, development and manufacture of tungsten insert cut pile loopers for the carpet tufting industry. Technical information.
Looper Total Co Ttq Ltd Trading Quality Tufting Asahi Corporate Sakai Profile Cut Japan Y

Our Recommendations:

23 Khurana Carbides Manufactures a
Manufactures a selection of tungsten carbide wire and bar drawing dies. Available shapes include round, square, rectangular, and hexagonal.
| Tungsten Carbide Spares Drawing Bright Machines Pressure Rolls Wear Parts Kennametal System Polishing Products Machineries Polycrystalline Nd
24 Tungsten Tool & Saw Co Canada.
Canada. Range of bandsaw blades for metal cutting machines. Emphasis is on customized supply to customers specific needs and situation.
Tungstensaw Bandsaw Toolblades
25 HuNan HighTech Special Metals Manufacturer and
Manufacturer and exporter of tantalum, niobium, tungsten, molybdenum, rhenium and indium metal products from China.
26 wiretronic incorporated provider of
provider of a range of specialty wires including magnet, resistance, nichrome, litz, tungsten, special precious metals and alloys.
27 sichwan western minmetals co., ltd. supplier of
supplier of high purity metals and compounds including tungsten, molybdenum, and antimony. product specifications grouped by element.
28 OSM-Tools Producer of
Producer of tungsten carbide tipped tools for the building and stone industry
29 SPT export,tungsten,energy material,product
export,tungsten,energy material,product information,China market,product prices
30 permagrit tools manufacturer and
manufacturer and retailer of tungsten carbide grit sanding, cutting and shaping tools. usa.
31 Yillik Precision Industries, Inc. Carbide products
Carbide products industrial use. Sintering and production of tungsten carbide on site.
32 Ningbo Donglian Manufactures and
Manufactures and exports mechanical seals for pumps and shaft seal faces in ceramic, carbon and tungsten carbide as well as o-rings and steel parts.
33 Ebelmann SA France. Manufacturers
France. Manufacturers of tungsten carbide and diamond cutting tools for the textile industry. Detailed catalog, including technical information. English and French.

Our Recommendations:

34 Suyash Preci-Lap Aids India. Manufactures
India. Manufactures selection of plug and ring limit gauges in tungsten carbide and steel. Site describes range of available products.
Gauges Carbide Gauge Limit Tungsten Steel Slip Plain Width Comparator Snap Manufacturers Measuring Stand Reversible
35 Hunan Zhongnan Antimony & Tungsten Trading Co.,Ltd. Chinese supplier
Chinese supplier of no-hub centrifugal cast iron pipes, and fittings, and stainless steel couplings for CI pipe, scaffolding.
36 Ideal Carbide Die Co USA. Manufacturers
USA. Manufacturers of tooling for various industries specializing in tungsten carbide, technical ceramics and tool steels.
37 Ningbo Industry Seals Factory Manufacture mechanical
Manufacture mechanical seals in carbon, tungsten and silicon carbide materials.
Seals Mechanical Ningbo Factory Sealing Industry Parts China Shaft Materials Seal Pumps Link Icp Tianfeng@tianfengcom
38 Miller Electric Mfg. Co. Power sources
Power sources and engine-driven equipment for shielded metal arc (stick), gas metal arc (MIG) and gas tungsten arc (TIG) welding.
Miller Welding Welders Help Resources News Business Products Farm Stick Ranch Learn Discussion Articles Plasma Engine Driven Email Partner Where Sign
39 Spearhead Tool Co. Manufacturers of
Manufacturers of high speed and tungsten carbide burs for jewelers, diamond setters, and tool and die makers.
40 General Carbide Corp Manufactures sintered
Manufactures sintered tungsten carbide components for wear, cutting, and metal forming operations.
41 Asia M-seal Corp. Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of mechanical seals, cartridge seals, silicon/ tungsten carbides, with NBR and viton elastomers.
Type [ ] Typeah Typebwh Typeæ°£å°Âç’°ä¸â€°å¤¾ç‰‡ Mechanical Rights 年台å¡â€˜ä¼Âæ¥­æ©Å¸æ¢°è»¸å°Âç â€è¨Å½æÅ“Æ’ 卡夾å¼Âé›™軸å°Â 碳化鎢ç­â€°è&po
42 Brush Wellman Inc. Produces high
Produces high performance engineered materials, alloys and ceramic substrates containing beryllium, bronze, copper and tungsten. Includes extensive technical data.
Beryllium Materials Alloys Thin Metal Copper Film Precision Performance Coating Brush Coatings Materion Optics Optical Data Additional Certifications Gesture Contacts
43 Haiguang Lighting Sells a
Sells a series of self-color bulbs, tungsten halogen lamps, efficient energysaving lamps to 30 countries in 5 continents.
×ʸñÈÙÓþ ÔÚÏßÁôÑÔ IsoÖ¤Êé dzÀ¶µÆÅÝ Â±ËصÆÅÝ ²úƷչʾ ºÚ¹âµÆÅÝ »Ô¹â·ÅµçµÆÅÝ ´¬ÓõÆÅÝ CeÖ¤Êé Httpwwwcn ÁªÏµ
44 Artisan Sintered Products Manufactures tungsten
Manufactures tungsten carbide wear products. Bespoke components are also manufactured to customers requirements. Situated in NW England.

Our Recommendations:

45 Boride Products Manufacturers of
Manufacturers of boron carbide, silicon nitride, and tungsten carbide nozzles for dry and wet abrasive blasting. Site discusses suitability of each type for different applications.
46 Jiangyan Fengfeng Metalwork Factory Manufacturer and
Manufacturer and recycler of tungsten and molybdenum products in China, offering tungstates and molybdates, tungstenic acid, and molybdenum trioxide.
Ffwmcom Privacyy
47 Tycom Corporation Manufactures tungsten
Manufactures tungsten carbide cutting tools, mainly for printed circuit board applications. Specialized services include supply of tooling on a pay-per use basis and an ongoing resharpening/replacement program.
Circuit Pcb Board Printed Tools Cutting Tool Drills Routers Countersinks Scoring Repoint Mills End
48 Leech Carbide Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of tungsten carbide and supplier of preformed carbide wear parts.
49 Avasarala Group India.
India. Diversified company serving a variety of industries. Products include conveyors, electron guns, tungsten rod and wire, and a range of process machinery for electronic and automotive components manufacture.
50 Tecnimetal Italy.
Italy. Distributors of broad range of cutting tools and associated consumable items. Includes HSS and tungsten carbide tooling, metalworking fluids, abrasive finishing and polishing products, and laser and other marking devices.
51 Hyundai-Fomex Co., Ltd. Korean manufacturer
Korean manufacturer of strobes, flash systems, power packs, reflectors, softboxes, bags, umbrellas, tungsten lights, light stands and camera stands.
Studio Slave Accessories Lighting Light Softbox Continuous Item Umbrella Radio Lights Supportmap Silder
52 Ideal Carbide Die Company Manufactures broad
Manufactures broad range of tungsten carbide tooling for metalworking and allied industries. Can also supply products machined from technical ceramics and tool steels.
53 Jiangyan Anda Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. Producer of
Producer of tungsten and molybdenum compounds in China. Products include tungstates and molybdates, molybdenum trioxide, and ferro-molybdenum.
54 Fansteel Inc. Manufactures diversified
Manufactures diversified range of metal components, including sand and investment castings, closed die forgings, and tungsten carbide cutting tools and forms. Site provides details of capabilities, products, and factory locations.
Fansteel Castings Reverse Powdered President Splitfansteel Connection Components Investment Magnesium Metal Value Vice Sinteredeach
55 Hari Singh & Sons Manufacturers of
Manufacturers of photographic equipment such as electronic flash equipment, camera and video stands, tungsten lighting equipment, paper cutters, and accessories.

Our Recommendations:

56 Philadelphia Carbide Company Specializing in
Specializing in tungsten carbide, ceramics and silicon carbide serving electronics, automotive, metal forming, computer, plastics and pump industries.
Carbide Tooling Grinding Parts Blades Machine Knives Wear Tungsten Precision Cigar Tobacco Automotive Company Manufacturer Pump
57 LightTech Produces fluorescent
Produces fluorescent fixtures, all fixtures use high frequency ballasts and full spectrum high CRI lamps in both Tungsten and Daylight.
58 Advanced Carbon Technologies High temperature
High temperature thermal, halogen and vacuum purification services for graphite, composites, carbon filters, ceramics, metal oxides, alloys, tungsten and refractory materials.
59 Shanghai Electrical Light Device Co., Ltd. Manufacturer and
Manufacturer and exporter of xenon short arc lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, and other specialty lamps mainly for cinema, disco, stage, show lighting.
Lamp Xenon Light Shanghai Electrical Projection Products Lamps Device Specialty Stage Short Cinema Industrial Disco Arc Ltd
60 zhengzhou chida tungsten & molybdenum products co., ltd. manufacture mosi2
manufacture mosi2 heating elements and sic heating elements.
61 Ningbo Keli Ceramics Seals Co., Ltd Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of single spring mechanical seals, in silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, ceramic and carbon materials.
Face Products Contactrd Ningbo Mailkeli@china Songjiangkcs Fax China Sealscom Mechanical Middle
62 climax systems lines, leaders
lines, leaders, floatant, tungsten bite leaders, and running lines.
63 Mallory Alloys Group Manufacture and
Manufacture and supply silver, copper and tungsten based alloys, sold under the brand names Mallory, Elkanite, Anviloy and Elkaloy in many forms.
Alloys Mallory Copper Tungsten Silver Group Metals Alloy Manufacturer Albans Worldwide History Special Based Metal Electrical Terms Datasheets
64 Azia Trading Co. Ltd. Taiwan. Sells
Taiwan. Sells wide selection of ancillary hand and machine tools. Includes vises, chucks, clamps, wrenches, measuring devices, chain blocks, tungsten tipped saws, and throw-away milling cutters.
Z Alfa Y
65 Yillik Precision Industries Inc. Manufacturers of
Manufacturers of tungsten carbide products for machine tools and other industries. Extensive range includes bushings, bearings, seal rings, dies, drill bits, rollers, preforms, and guides.
Carbide Bushings Yillik Tungsten Carbides Precision Bearings Guides Gundrill Inserts High Nozzles Map Fit Industries Cemented Molding Ceramic Page
66 Commonwealth Tool Specialty Inc. Distributes wide
Distributes wide range of cutting tools. Includes high speed steel, tungsten carbide, carbide tipped, borazon, diamond, and indexable varieties. Site provides list of available items.
67 Besa Corp Korea. Design
Korea. Design and manufacture of ceramic, tungsten, carbide and steel knives and cutting blades for the nonwovens, film and foil, man-made fiber, yarn spinning, fabric weaving, cigarette, and corrugated paper and board industries.
Homepage Welcome Besay
68 Bronson and Bratton Manufacturers tungsten
Manufacturers tungsten carbide and ceramic tools dies and wear parts. Specialize in seals, powder metal tooling, draw dies, can tooling, rolls, and automation.
Bronson Requirements Quality Supplier Employee Page Check Brattonlogin Z
69 Salem Specialty Ball Company Precision ball
Precision ball specialists supplying chrome, stainless steel, ceramics, tungsten carbide and specialty materials used in a wide variety of applications worldwide.
70 Salem Specialty Ball Company Precision ball
Precision ball specialists supplying chrome, stainless steel, ceramics, tungsten carbide and specialty materials used in a wide variety of applications worldwide.
Steel Ball Stainless Balls Salem Chrome Types Materials Specialty Aluminum Conversion Brass Sapphire Density Miscellaneous Polyamide Imide
71 Ban Soon Cheong Hardware. Singapore distributor
Singapore distributor of engineering materials, aluminium, bronze alloys, brass alloys, copper alloys, stainless steel, EDM graphite, lead sheet, tungsten and other special alloys.
72 MarkeTech International, Inc. Offers an
Offers an extensive line of advanced materials including aerogels, electrochemical materials, super conductive products, single crystal substrates and parts, engineered ceramics, alumina, tungsten, and sputtering targets.
Crystals Ceramics Engineered Machining Tungsten Gt Refractory Metals Learn Heat Sinks Materials Products Services Marketech Titanium
73 globe metal scrap metal
scrap metal processing / recycling company specializing in purchasing high temperature alloys, tungsten carbide, stainless steel, tin and nickel. we buy all grades of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
74 Antech Wire EDM Inc. Canada. Specializes
Canada. Specializes in wire EDM and CMM services. Cutting capabilities include aluminum, brass, copper, graphite, poly-crystaline diamond, and tungsten carbide materials, as well as mild, stainless, spring, and hardened tool steel.
75 Philadelphia Carbide Company Designs and
Designs and manufactures variety of machine and wear parts, punches and dies, and special purpose components in tungsten and silicon carbide and ceramic materials. Site describes capabilities and includes examples of end products.
Carbide Tooling Grinding Parts Blades Machine Knives Tungsten Wear Precision Automotive Tool Polishing Silicon Part Ceramics Punches Trim
76 Boberschmidt & Associates, Inc. Manufacturers representatives
Manufacturers representatives specializing in the sales and engineering of custom metal components at competitive prices. Offered stampings, castings, forgings, tungsten carbide parts, springs, wire forms, machining and metal fabrications.
77 Mikrotek Machines Limited India. Specializes
India. Specializes in diamond and tungsten carbide die working equipment. Products include ultrasonic and wire polishing machines and die cleaners, die inspection microscopes, and diamond paste and powders.
78 Ningbo Dongya Mechanical Seal Manufacture Manufactures mechanical
Manufactures mechanical seals used in water, engine cooling, centrifugal, general industrial, and submersible pumps. Seal faces in ceramic, tungsten carbide, carbon, viton, and nbr.
Seal Mechanical Pump Seals Icp Ceramic Cartridge Bellow Metal Automotive Dept Sic Products Fax China
79 Shajeng Hardware Co. Ltd. Taiwan. Manufactures
Taiwan. Manufactures selection of tungsten carbide tipped hole saws and cutters, as well as adjustable hole cutters and foldable saws. Site describes design and uses of available products.
Hole Gtgt Shajeng Type Drill Saw Cutter Annular Hardware Core Magnetic Agent Co Shajeng’s Quality Bore Diy
80 Injectamax Metal injection
Metal injection molding fabrication and manufacturing services. Variety of metal alloys including stainless steel, copper, steels, molybdenum, tool steels, tungsten. Special alloys.
Mim Metal Molding Injection Injectamax Powder Tool Delivers Parts Sinter Precision Surgical Steels Alloys Casting
81 Federal Carbide Company Specializes in
Specializes in producing cemented silicon and tungsten carbide tools, inserts, and die and wear components for wide range of customer requirements. Site provides detailed account of cemented carbide properties and applications.
82 semx corp. designs, develops
designs, develops, manufactures and markets customized fine wire and metal ribbon, precision metal stampings and seal frames and powdered metal copper/tungsten heat dissipation products. (nasdaq: semx).
83 General Carbide Corp Manufactures sintered
Manufactures sintered tungsten carbide components for wear, cutting, and metal forming operations. Properties of various metal powder mixes available for diamond tool applications, hot press machines, and various other applications.
84 Precision Roll Grinders, Inc USA. Industrial
USA. Industrial roll grinding and repairs company. Roll refinishing, grinding, repairing and refurbishment for the nonwovens industry. Tungsten carbide coating, and hot grinding to simulate actual operating conditions.
85 Multi-Metals Tungsten carbide
Tungsten carbide products (saw tips, routers, roof bits, mining bits) manufactured for the woodworking, mining, construction, down-hole drilling, Metalworking and other industries. Carbide injection molding available (complex parts). Louisville, KY.
86 Diamond Ground Products Inc. Provider of
Provider of pre-ground welding electrodes, precision tungsten electrode grinders, and other selected accessory products to support the precision welding industry on a worldwide basis.
Tungsten Ground Diamond Products Electrodes Electrode Grinder Piranha Grinders Thermal Dynamics® Fabrication Pwh Machining Torch Pre Guidebooks
87 costen corp supplies thermal
supplies thermal management materials to the microelectronics and power electronics industries including copper-tungsten, copper-molybdenum, copper/molybdenum/copper, copper/invar/copper, and nickel or gold plated molybdenum.
88 Foxton Dies Limited Manufacturers of
Manufacturers of tungsten carbide wire drawing dies and associated products including rolls spinner, shaving, shaped dies, press tools, plastic mold tools cutter dies twisting dies drive rolls chain dies clutch dies
Foxton Newer Content Adobe Version Requires Contact Page Ltd Major Paragon Wide Specialists Bd Email
89 Master Metrology Master Metrology
Master Metrology is a company into design & manufacturing of tungsten carbide gauges(gage) located in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Carbide Gauges like Snap, Ring, Pin, Plug, Flush, Carbide Plain Plug Gauges, Chambers
90 Pferd, Inc. Manufactures files
Manufactures files and rasps, tungsten carbide burrs, ultrahigh-speed steel (HSS), rotary cutters, hole saws, hole cutters, fine-grinding, polishing and brushing tools, diamond and CBN tools, reinforced grinding wheels and cut-off wheels for freehand use, cut-off wheels for stationary machines, air-powered straight and angular grinders, flexible shaft machines, electric power tools. August Rüggeberg GmbH & Co. KG.
English Español اللُّغÙŽة Pу́сский اÙ„عÙŽربÙÅ Ù‘ÙŽة Pferd язы́к Deutsch Africa South America Belgium Switzerland Nederlands Singapore

2. Shopping and Tungsten Trade

91 PermaGrit Tools Tungsten carbide
Tungsten carbide grit tools for model and kit building.
Tools Perma Grit Gt Files Hobby Aircraft Sheets Glass Countersinks Masons Discs Design Here Terms Boat Designedand Homebuild
92 Firearms Service Center Inc. Gunsmith, custom
Gunsmith, custom rifles, Kent tungsten matrix ammo, Arkansas duck hunting, Remington factory service and parts center.
Ammo Kent Newpage Shotguns Louisville Gamebore Scopes Products Gary Storeshotgun Supplies Accessories Center
93 King Arthurs Tools Offers wood
Offers wood sculpting carving tools, saw chain products, flap disc sanders and tungsten carbide carving tools for angle and disc grinders. Manufactured in the USA.
Server Private Virtual Welcomeinternethostingweare Started New

3. Tungsten Recreation

94 Pinewood Extreme Offers pre-cut
Offers pre-cut car kits, tungsten weight, decals, wheels and axles, lubricant, and other supplies for derby racing.
Help Under Construction Click Disabling Dynamic Services Help * Internet Topics Information Contentin Run Inetmgrplease
95 Maximum Velocity Offers pinewood
Offers pinewood derby speed tips, car plans, lead and tungsten weight, specialty supplies, and a free e-newsletter.
Pinewood Derby Speed Supplies Kits Velocity Wheels Race Maximum Here Click Plans Velocity_ Decals
96 Wad Wizard Choke Tube System Wad Wizard
Wad Wizard Shotgun Choke Tubes used in waterfowl hunting, deer hunting, turkey hunting, sporting clays and law enforcement. Can use any size buck shot, steel shot, tungsten shot and Hevishot with this choke tube system.
Choke Tubes Chokes Wizard Shotgun Gauge Tube System Shot Remington Hunting Shooting Optima Supreme Beretta Browning Accessory Inv

4. Computer & Tungsten Games Websites

97 palmOne The official
The official manufacturer of Palm OS devices, including the Zire and Tungsten handhelds and the Treo Smartphones. Support, accessories and software.

5. Sports Websites concerning Tungsten

6. Society, Arts and Tungsten Crafts

98 eternal tools (uk) specialists in
specialists in tungsten carbide and diamond tooling. online shop.
Tools Carbide Watch Engraving Burrs Cutters Delivery Glass Abrasives Diamond Files Burnishers Tweezers Eternal Gravers Arbors
99 templeton tools and machinery ltd suppliers of
suppliers of hand tools, power tools, industrial equipment and consumable tooling, lubricants and oils. specialists in tungsten carbide inserts, and cutting tools.
Information Carbide Drills Conditionsshipping Mm Form Offer Technical Found Found The Terms Create Mtr

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Tungsten Dictionary

tungsten / wolfram / W / atomic number / /: a heavy grey-white metallic element, the pure form is used mainly in electrical applications, it is found in several ores including wolframite and scheelite
chrome-tungsten steel: a steel alloy made with chromium and tungsten
tungsten steel / wolfram steel: a very hard heat-resistant steel containing tungsten
wolframite / iron manganese tungsten: a mineral consisting of iron and manganese tungstate in crystalline form, the principal ore of tungsten, found in quartz veins associated with granitic rocks Reviews for Tungsten. The business hours may vary on holidays like Valentines Day, Washingtons Birthday, St. Patricks Day, Easter, Easter eve and Mothers day - Statistics: 3 SiteBook Points for "Tungsten" (visitors of this topic page). Tungsten › Reviews & Experience Experience and Review Tungsten Opening Times and Reports. Date:

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Tungsten, also known as wolfram, is a chemical element with symbol W and atomic number 74. The word tungsten comes from the Swedish language tung sten, which directly translates to heavy stone. Its name in Swedish is volfram, however, in order to distinguish it from scheelite, which in Swedish is alternatively named tungsten.

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