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1 InfoWorld Computer/technology business
Computer/technology business news and reviews. Companion site to Infoworld magazine.
2 InfoWorld Magazine Comprehensive computer
Comprehensive computer and technology business news site.

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1 InfoWorld Computer/technology business
Computer/technology business news and reviews. Companion site to Infoworld magazine.
Infoworld Data Mobile Cloud Hardware Security Software Tech Windows News Development Reviews Center Watch Microsoft Application Cross Platform Policy Storage Bitbucket
2 COBOL Programmers, Face It: Your Favorite Code Is Outdated and Losing Support James R.
James R. Borck for InfoWorld. In the nearly five years I have been writing for InfoWorld, never has an article of mine generated such incredible response.
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3 Infoworld: Security TechIndex Index of
Index of security-related articles and product reviews recently published in Infoworld.
Data Infoworld Cloud Center Infoclipz Review Mobile Knowledge Enterprise Vault Security Tech Face Business World Trusted Watch Across Privatecloud
4 InfoWorld Interview with Linus Torvalds Linus Torvalds
Linus Torvalds talks economics and operating systems in this interview with Mike Vizard of InfoWorld. Focuses mainly on how Linux is affecting the way people look at the future of operating systems and economics models that drive the industry.
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5 Article by
Article by Dan Briody covering Gateways announcement of the MCC system.
Data Cloud Infoworld New White See Tech Business Paper Mobile Google Technology Computing Infoclipz | Vs Applications Feature Information Reprints Do
6 InfoWorld: Moving to a Mac A small
A small integration project dispels some preconceptions about OS X.
Data Cloud Infoworld See Business Mobile White | Paper Idg Infoclipz Vs Security Knowledge World Events Innovatethink Linuxworld Cloudbursts Bottom
7 Python slithers forward InfoWorld Electric
InfoWorld Electric article on Zope
Data Cloud New Infoworld Tech White Business See Google Paper Mobile Technology Idg Computing Infoclipz Screens Watch Microsoft
8 InfoWorld Magazine Comprehensive computer
Comprehensive computer and technology business news site.
Infoworld Mobile Cloud Data Tech Windows Software Security News Reviews Hardware Systems Development Watch Center Idg Source Says More__
9 Easier install makes Red Hat 5.1 even more appealing An InfoWorld
An InfoWorld review of the Red Hat distribution version 5.1.
Data Cloud Infoworld New White Tech See Business Paper Mobile Technology Google | Security Watch Sharing Vmware Infoclipz Sponsored Industry Technologies
10 - C# could be major Article by
Article by Tom Sullivan. Language is designed for easy conversion to the web.
Infoworld Data Cloud Infoclipz Mobile Center Knowledge Office Applications Tech Security Face Software Computing Alert Research * Featurereview Techhive Good
11 The Best Desktop Operating Systems of 1996 From Infoworld
From Infoworld, RedHat Linux and MS WinNT.
Data Cloud Infoworld New Tech See White Business Mobile Google Technology Paper Infoclipz Security | Office Apps
12 InfoWorld Opinions: Cross-site Scripting Article on
Article on this often overlooked threat with links.
Data Security Cloud See Infoworld Mobile Business White | Infoclipz Paper Apps Idg Vs Enterprise Users New
13 InfoWorld: Embedded systems take center stage as interest in handheld devices grows

Data Cloud New Infoworld White See Business Tech Technology Google Mobile Paper Infoclipz Watch Idg Devops Tackle Landscape
14 With spam like this, who needs enemies? Readers balk
Readers balk at vendors e-mail. How NOT to promote your otherwise-respectable large PC company (InfoWorld)
Data Cloud New Infoworld Tech White Business See Google Paper Technology Mobile Security Computing Idg Hear Learn Green
15 Policy Over Policing InfoWorld article
InfoWorld article - Its easy to develop e-mail and Internet policies, but education and documentation are crucial to their success.
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16 Infoworld: Switching by Choice Article describing
Article describing a PC user who is not impressed by the Apple Switch ads. He experimented with a Macintosh for a weekend, and was hooked.
Infoworld Data Cloud Infoclipz Knowledge Mobile Center Face Tech Vault Business Office Technologies Virtualization Webcasts Itwhitepapers Green Intelligence Found The Open
17 UML Simplifies Project Notation Mario Apicella
Mario Apicella for InfoWorld. Developing business applications that use different technologies requires a well-designed plan and a solid outline to build from.
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18 First WebDAV products see the light of day Article mentions
Article mentions several Co.s including Zope that support WebDAV (InfoWorld)
Data Cloud New Infoworld Business White See Tech Google Mobile Technology Paper Infoclipz Computing Idg Airwatch Pro Software Daily Highlighted
19 InfoWorld: Open-source group unleashes Mozilla 1.0 News of
News of Mozilla 1.0s release. (Requires free registration)
Data Cloud Infoworld Infoclipz Center Knowledge Mobile Tech Office Vault Face Applications Technology Page Computing Storage
20 InfoWorld: UCITA could provide the license to kill those companies that support it Analysis piece
Analysis piece suggesting UCITA may advance open source movement.
Data Cloud Infoworld New White Business Tech See Google Mobile Paper Technology Idg Security Infoclipz Watch Computing Storage Microsoft News Today
21 Tibco acquires Velosel for master data management technology InfoWorld article
InfoWorld article by Ephraim Schwartz announcing Tibcos acquisition of PIM-vendor Velosel.
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22 Grassroots Linux grows (InfoWorld) An article
An article that contains stories of different companies that have started using Linux. Also contains a section on 'How to pick your Linux' which states the advantages of different distributions and links to their homepages.
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23 Visors Success Hinges on Expansion Slot InfoWorld evaluates
InfoWorld evaluates the Visor and the springboard expansion slot.
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24 Viral marketing goes one step too far Article about
Article about the 'viral marketing' technique used by [InfoWorld]
Infoworld Data Cloud Infoclipz Tech Knowledge Center Mobile Office Vault Face Security Microsoft World Business Tablet Cassandra Sponsored Xenmobile Terms
25 Visual Studio Unites Seven Languages under the .NET Flag Visual Studio.NET
Visual Studio.NET topples cross-language barriers so businesses can produce creative code quicker. By Tom Yager, InfoWorld Test Center.
Infoworld Data Cloud Infoclipz Knowledge Mobile Center Tech Office Face Vault World Webcasts Storage Intelligence Navigating Open Upgrading Articles Line Delivering
26 Microsofts .NET Impact Exploiting Microsofts
Exploiting Microsofts enterprise application strategy, .NET, should prove a dream for IT managers. The pre-beta version is inherently scalable and easy to build and deploy, saving valuable time and resources. By Tom Yager, InfoWorld Test Center.
Java Idg Enterprise News Source Javaworld Mobile App Net Open Infoworld Close Application Learn Javanavigateright How Tos Seconds Core
27 From Cobol Programmer to E-Commerce Expert Lynda Radosevich
Lynda Radosevich for InfoWorld. IT professionals can leverage experience in areas such as COBOL programming into a prominent e-commerce position by extracting lessons from mature technologies while embracing young ones.
Data Cloud New Infoworld Business See White Tech Technology Google Paper Mobile Idg Security Infoclipz Unified
28 Host-to-Browser Connectivity InfoWorld product
InfoWorld product comparison. With browsers available on every major platform, the time may be right to make your host-based COBOL applications more widely accessible. Which product best lets you do this with the least amount of effort, cost, and disruption for users?
Data Cloud Infoworld New Tech Business See White Mobile Google Paper Technology Infoclipz Security Watch | Knowledge Vs Firebug Record
29 Application transformation James R.
James R. Borck for InfoWorld. The push for businesses to compete at Internet speed has only just begun. Unfortunately for many companies, tapping in to the efficiencies of e-business also means unlocking a wealth of business logic and data trapped in the legacy systems that form the foundation of their corporate infrastructures.
Mobile Infoworld Data Infoclipz Cloud Center Network Knowledge Security Office Enterprise Storage Tech Face Vault Costs Automation Oliver User Blogs Itwhitepapers
30 Best Technical Support Award InfoWorld declares
InfoWorld declares the Linux user community to have the best technical support. Compares help Linux users give to each other as opposed to the amount of tech support offered by major corporations.
Data Cloud New Infoworld See White Business Tech Paper Google Mobile Technology Infoclipz | Security Apple Apps Operating Services First Enterprise Multiple
31 PERCobol whips Cobol into shape for budget-minded enterprises James R.
James R. Borck for InfoWorld. LEGACYJS PERCOBOL 2.5 is a low-cost tool thats best suited for companies with small and midsize conversion projects. If youre looking to reinvigorate portions of your Cobol resources without imposing a high price tag, PERCobol could be the answer.
Infoworld Data Cloud Infoclipz Center Mobile Tech Knowledge Face Office Vault Papers Microsoft White Intelligence Capitalizing
32 English Version of Chinas Red Flag Linux Due Soon Firm near
Firm near release of English-language version of Red Flag Desktop 4.0 OS, according to company executive, is first non-Chinese commercial product offered by firm, will help it expand into international markets, a long-standing goal. [InfoWorld]
Data Cloud See Mobile Infoworld Business White | Big Security Paper Ibm Idg Infoclipz Windows Wi Fi Knowledge Center @infoworld Browsing Management
33 Chinas Red Flag Linux to Step onto Global Stage Last months
Last months alliance between Hewlett-Packard and Linux developer Red Flag Software should lead to cooperation between 2 firms on technology development, marketing of Red Flag Linux to firms in China and around world. [InfoWorld]
Data Cloud Mobile See Infoworld White | Enterprise Windows Business Security Paper Idg Infoclipz Vs Vault Based Famous Quizzes
34 Micro Focus Brings COBOL to the Web Michael Vizard
Michael Vizard and Dana Gardner for InfoWorld. Micro Focus will bring its large installed base of COBOL programmers into the age of the Internet this week with the release of Net Express 3.0, an update to its application development environment that facilitates linking COBOL applications to the Web.
Data Cloud Infoworld White Windows See Security Google Paper Tech Microsoft Watch New Idg | Knowledge Smart Virtualize Pdf
35 Report: Japan, Korea, China to Break Windows Ties Plans for
Plans for governments and private sector firms of China, Japan, South Korea, to jointly work together to develop new OS to rival Microsoft Windows to be unveiled later this week, according to 2 Japanese newspaper reports. [InfoWorld]
Data Cloud See Business Mobile Infoworld White | Windows Infoclipz Idg Knowledge Vs Technology Security Smartphone Attachmate Icloud Hear Innovatethink
36 Integrating Big Iron Business Apps With Your Web Strategy Maggie Biggs
Maggie Biggs for InfoWorld. The growth of Web technologies has created many more options for sites that rely on big iron (and COBOL) as part of their e-business strategy. Those who need to enable Web access to big iron business applications without making major application changes can look to Web-to-host solutions. It is also possible to directly Web-enable big iron.
Infoworld Data Cloud Infoclipz Mobile Knowledge Center Tech Vault Office Face White Intelligence Storage Computing Watch Green
37 Turning COBOL Code Into Gold Dana Gardner
Dana Gardner for InfoWorld. Vivek Wadhwa, founder and CEO of Relativity Software, sees gold in the trillions of lines of legacy COBOL code that exist in many older enterprise systems. The gold is not just in the form of profits for his company, but in the ability for companies to reuse that code, and extract an extended return on as many as 20 years of costly investment.
Infoworld Data Cloud Infoclipz Tech Center Knowledge Mobile Vault Face Office Intelligence Apps Storage Technology Migration Bruzzese Collaboration Grimes Challenges
38 Privacy advocates say amended spam bill lacks teeth When rep.
When rep. Heather Wilson (R-N.M.) introduced legislation in February to prevent or greatly reduce unsolicited commercial e-mail, commonly known as spam, privacy advocates cheered and then lent their support. But then some trade associations complained, and shortly thereafter the bill was amended in a congressional committee, and stripped of some of its enforcement strengths. [InfoWorld]
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1 the war over a single letter etoy vs.
etoy vs. etoys and civil disobedience via the web. by sean m. dugan [infoworld].
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2 some games arent fun editorial explaining
editorial explaining how blizzards action could negatively impact the entire software industry. by russell pavlicek. [infoworld]
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3 peering into the future infoworld test
infoworld test centers future watch. future timeline of computer technology and enterprise computing.
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