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1 Introduction to Hibernate Hibernate is
Hibernate is a popular open source Object-Relational mapping tool. This article by Mario Aquino provides a quick introduction to get started with Hibernate.
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2 Dont Let Hibernate Steal Your Identity Typical means
Typical means of establishing uniqueness and identity in databases, and thus Hibernate, dont necessarily suit Javas identity-oriented equals() and hashCode() methods. James Brundege has another idea for how to solve this problem.
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3 Java Touch Provides resources
Provides resources related to Java technology, EJB, Spring, Hibernate, Ajax, and XML.
4 iCPU Shutdown Software designed
Software designed to power off, restart, logoff, execute any program, hibernate, suspend or block the computer. [Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP]
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5 Natali Uses EJB
Uses EJB, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, JSP, Struts and allows to maintain books, magazine records, and other library related items through a web interface. [Open source, GPL]
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6 JavaBlackBelt Certification community
Certification community with exams on Java related technologies, including Java SE & EE, Spring, Hibernate, Ant, JUnit, Struts, JSF, Web Services and XML.
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7 Take the First Step: Java Tutorials Tutorials in
Tutorials in the use of Java Development Tools from a developers perspective. Coverage is currently limited to Ant and Hibernate.
Java Hibernate Using Properties Hello First Openejb Ant World Take Part Step Lights Junit Browser |

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hibernate / hole_up: sleep during winter, "Bears must eat a lot of food before they hibernate in their caves"
hibernate: be in an inactive or dormant state Reviews for Hibernate. The business hours may vary on holidays like Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day - Statistics: 4 SiteBook Points for "Hibernate" (visitors of this topic page). Hibernate › Reviews & Experience Experience and Review Hibernate Opening Times and Reports. Date:

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