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1 Jerry Avins Quadratic interpolation
Quadratic interpolation in Forth, notes on servo design, Number puzzle, thoughts on perfume, soldering silver.
Notes Jerry Avins Revisitedherman Coins Barrow Iron Rune Soldering Digiscope Cast Allnors Most
2 CurveExpert Comprehensive curve
Comprehensive curve fitting system. XY data can be modeled using a toolbox of linear regression models, nonlinear regression models, interpolation, or splines. [Win95/98/Me/NT/2000]
Found Comcast Z
3 Computer Methods for Mathematical Computations Code from
Code from the book, translated to ELF, a Fortran 90 subset. Algorithms for calculations in science and engineering, including linear equations, spline interpolation, integration, differential equations, zero finding, minimization and singular value decomposition.
Equations Decomposition Pdas Algorithms Linear Interpolation Differential Minimization Computer Integration Zero Singular Malcolm Methods Modern Zeroes Order Science Optimization
4 3D Canvas A freeware
A freeware real-time 3D modeling and animation tool that incorporates a drag-and-drop approach to 3D modeling. Features: Imports many popular 3D-file formats, animation with spline-based Interpolation, and inverse Kinematics. [Win 95/98/2000]
Available Library Corrupt Crashing Beta Crafter Componenet Software Underway Progress Intuitive Windows Modelling Export Third Window Dcrafter Posts
5 SimplexNumerica Object-oriented numerical
Object-oriented numerical data analyzer and plot and presentation program. Software is suited for publication type graphics, analysis of arbitrary data, analysis of measuring data. Wide-ranging library of 2D and 3D diagrams with a large section based on approximation and interpolation algorithms. Samples provided.
Simplexnumerica Software Data Analysis Plotting Fitting Curve Numerik Numerische Simplexparser Spline Dd Graphics Simplextechnical
6 Texture Mapping as a Fundamental Drawing Primitive Article by
Article by Paul Haeberli and Mark Segal. Survey of applications of texture mapping including simple texture mapping, projective textures, and image warping, description of texture mapping techniques for drawing anti-aliased lines, air-brushes, and anti-aliased text, and show of how texture mapping may be used as a fundamental graphics primitive for volume rendering, environment mapping, color interpolation, and contouring.
Pages Texture Proceedings Graphics Computer Mapping Drawing Rendering Each Image Personal Computergraphics Communication Paul Then Anti Aliased Computerdisplay Robert Figure

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1 Librarians Lao-Tzu 'The Book
'The Book of the Library and Its Ways' is a humorous interpolation from the viewpoint of a librarian by Andy Barnett.
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