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1 Is MDM All Hype? article article from Hannah Smalltree that says the new emphasis on master data management (MDM) technology isnt resonating with everyone. Does MDM really warrant the hype?
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2 Gartner, Forrester take on Vendor Claims article article by Hannah Smalltree. To combat confusion, Forrester and Gartner released frameworks for evaluating master data management technology.
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3 SearchDataManagement Data Integration
Data Integration, BI, Data Warehousing and other Data Management-related topics examined through exclusive news, expert tips, white papers and advice for data management professionals.
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4 Building a Business Case for MDM article article from Hannah Smalltree on building the business case for MDM initiatives.
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5 Seven Reasons Customer Data Integration Projects Fail article article by Hannah Smalltree on common pitfalls to avoid on customer data integration projects.
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6 Customer data integration evolves to customer hubs article article by Hannah Smalltree. The customer data integration market is moving toward customer hubs, according to Forresters latest ranking of the top vendors.
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