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1 New York Helicopter Charter Offers sightseeing
Offers sightseeing, airport shuttle service and Hamptons share-a-ride service. Equipment specifications, rates, reservation form, location, contact information and disclaimer.

2. Shopping and Disclaimer Trade

2 New Body Herbal Formula Herbal internal
Herbal internal cleansing supplement, includes ingredients and disclaimer.
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3 Specialty Ribbon Offering personalized
Offering personalized wedding ribbons. Includes color chart, color disclaimer, and example.
Wedding Ribbon Personalized Favors Ribbons Shop Toppers Unique Click Cake Email Prices Collection Blog Here
4 Free Photo Editing Online Quick photo
Quick photo editing assignments are undertaken at no charge, and estimates are provided for the rest. Disclaimer notes that restoration work seldom falls in the free category.
Photo Editing Edit Change Free Correction Image Restoration Photos Removal Remove Photoediting Editor Picture Services

3. Disclaimer Recreation

5 The Asheville-Disclaimer Parody publication
Parody publication spoofs local stories.
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6 WorldAeroData.Com Detailed aeronautical
Detailed aeronautical search engine of ICAO and FAA information. Provides a disclaimer, message board, and links.
7 The Asheville Disclaimer Asheville, NC
Asheville, NC parody publication spoofs local and national stories.
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8 The BilgeBucket Gazette Headline, archives
Headline, archives and a disclaimer that promises to shovel it in the name of free speech. Features humor at the expense of deities, political parties, religion and humans in general.
Neocon Media Republican America Corporate Cruz Circus Con Thon Conservatives States Grand Carson Holy Christian Photo Toon Meme Ries Huckabee Mike Parenthood Delusions Kaitlyn
9 MDeAs Chemistry Fun Page The ultimate
The ultimate site for chemistry humor. It contains chemistry jokes and chemical puns. Disclaimer: Some knowledge of science is required.
Chemistry Guestbook Page Sites Humor Mdeas Science Sign Jokes Ultimate Knowledge Fun Listthanks Puns
10 Alternative Medicine: Christ Mind - Buddha Body A free
A free online tutorial in Kinesiology by Dr. Philip Petersen, certified Kalos Health Facilitator. Note the Disclaimer: It is not wise to use Kinesiology to supercede or replace a doctors recommendation.
Christ Mind Body Bach Kalos Kinesiology Buddha System Priority Weill Chopra Andrew Healing Depak Books Muscle Seeman Moreton
11 Quick Screening Test for Dementia Entry page
Entry page to a screening test for dementia from the Medical Care Corporation. Interact with the disclaimer and you can take the test for yourself or a loved one.

4. Computer & Disclaimer Games Websites

12 If You Follow a Few Simple Rules, You Can Cybergripe All You Want 'As long
'As long as the cybergriper keeps any commercial elements off the site, and also uses a simple disclaimer, it looks like people should also avoid picking a fight with those who know how to upload a few kilobytes.' [Sneaking Suspicions]
Rule Lost French France Court Mishkoff District Archives Circuit Wars Delaware Table Essays Knoxville Page Schranck Viewed Community Horst

5. Sports Websites concerning Disclaimer

6. Society, Arts and Disclaimer Crafts

13 Anti-Opus Dei Legal Disclaimer Legal document
Legal document for use on anti-Opus Dei websites, email lists, in newspapers and magazines.
Opus Disclaimer Company Legal Psalm Anti Martin Catholic City York Deis Dei Catholicsloyal Companysupports
14 Jaded Letters Offers V
Offers V for Vendetta fan fiction with rating, summary and disclaimer guidelines.
Dreams Graveyard Memories Link Leave Share Tags Brain Stories Add [+] Monster Conn Fiction Continued Galaxy Rating Thirdforce
15 disclaimer music review archive offers graded
offers graded reviews of several modern bands and artists.

Disclaimer Dictionary

disavowal / disclaimer: denial of any connection with or knowledge of
disclaimer: (law) a voluntary repudiation of a person's legal claim to something Reviews for Disclaimer. The business hours may vary on holidays like Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day - Statistics: 3 SiteBook Points for "Disclaimer" (visitors of this topic page). Disclaimer › Reviews & Experience Experience and Review Disclaimer Opening Times and Reports. Date:

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A disclaimer is generally any statement intended to specify or delimit the scope of rights and obligations that may be exercised and enforced by parties in a legally recognized relationship. In contrast to other terms for legally operative language, the term disclaimer usually implies situations that involve some level of uncertainty, waiver, or risk.

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