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1 The Tsunami Hitchhiker, Parallels in finance, investments, and poker The observance
The observance of parallels in finance and poker will drive each post. Risk, variance, cycles, and randomness are just some of the intersections to explore.
Business Free Rules Bfuniv Speculation Simplicity Pm Hacker Win Ethics Bastiat Interviews Charity Visionaries World Puppet Master Universityself Directed Open Course
2 Taft-Peirce Metrology Manufactures bench
Manufactures bench centers, sine angle magnetic chucks, compound sine plates, universal right angle irons, angle plates, v-blocks, box parallels, tri-blocks, magnetic parallels and pallet irons.
Taft Suburban Tool Peirce Inc Metrology Sine Angle Product Blocks Line Plate Tools Irons Policy Phone Optical

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3 Learning from Tiger Woods Describes how
Describes how the practices Tiger Woods uses parallels the Alexander Technique.
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4 Hardcore Hockey Cards Specializes in
Specializes in collecting and selling premium high-end hockey cards. Rare inserts, serially numbered cards, autographed and game-used cards, high-end premium products, as well as new and old RCs, base set cards, parallels, and commons.
Navigationshilfe Ty

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5 Virtual Machine from Parallels Parallels virtual
Parallels virtual machine allows users to run multiple operating systems (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, OS/2 etc.) in independent virtual machines on a single physical computer. Products, support, download.
Parallels Cloud Automation Hosting Mac Platform Cross Desktop Applications Virtual Platforms Windows Support Server Partner
6 Seattle Weekly: Multics and Mr. Rogers Marking the
Marking the demise of the Multics OS and drawing parallels with the PBS show 'Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.'
Found Pagey
7 Higher Order JavaScript Notes by
Notes by Sean Burke, inspired by 'Higher order Perl', that highlight the parallels between JavaScript, Perl, and functional languages.
Javascript Higher Order Jason Lisp Perl Here Mark Javascript In Mjds Burkefirefox Dominus Emacs
8 HalfTime Technologies Thread Factory
Thread Factory is a component library for creating multi-threaded applications. Thread Factory includes a wealth of features including an asynchronous calling convention that parallels COM+ with Begin_xxx and Finish_xxx methods and asynchronous error handling. HalfTime Active Show is a multi-threaded component library for adding graphics and sound to desktop applications. MouseTrap is a free component library that allows capture mouse events.
Link Wwwhalfxcomy
9 FiringSquad - Review Review, by
Review, by Marcus Yam: 'Although there are parallels to Mario Sunshine, Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg is a highly original game' [Score: 70%]
10 FiringSquad - Review Review, by
Review, by Marcus Yam: 'Although there are parallels to Mario Sunshine, Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg is a highly original game' [Score: 70%]
11 Striders Strikers Mercenaries A fan
A fan developed Inner Sphere Mercenary/Clan Nova Cat effort that parallels the official Mechwarrior: Dark Age storyline. Site includes a description of lances, technical specification sheets, and missions.
Fargot Helppasswordcooperative Striders Strikers Mercenary

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12 Learning from Tiger Woods Describes how
Describes how the practices Tiger Woods uses parallels the Alexander Technique.
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13 Book of Mormon Commentary on September 11th Historical parallels
Historical parallels between the Nephites/Lamanites and the Western-Free/Eastern-Captive nations, textual parallels and chiasms, and chapters 9 verse 11.
Pdf Book Wpzip Parallels Mormon Commentary Prophecies Attack Studies America Prophecy Chiasms Parallel Things Code Between
14 Chiasmus and Prophetic Parallels Chiasms in
Chiasms in the Bible, the Book of Mormon, other documents. Parallels between the Bible and the Book of Mormon, the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants.
15 Adapa and the Food of Life A story
A story that parallels to the Old Testament.
Adapa They South Eridu Anu Gishzida Tammuz Food King Heaven Life Tablet Return Help Main Upon
16 111 Techno Pagans A group
A group debating the parallels between ancient and contemporary Druid views.
Yahoo Groups Help Technopagans Sharing Group Lists Please Community Forum Free Photo File Mailing Health Homes Food Music
17 Ring Around The Rosy Shows parallels
Shows parallels between this nursery rhyme and the dance of Hindu god Shiva.
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18 Seventh-Day Adventist Bible Dictionary: Joseph Biography of
Biography of the Israelite leader, with parallels from Egyptian literature.
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19 Rahul : Vedic and Norse Religious Parallels This is
This is the authors quest to learn of the twin thoughts of their forefathers.
Viewmore Business Started Yahoo Small Now Hosting Email Account Customer Please Web Aabaco Website Domains
20 The UFO - Jesus Connection Explore the
Explore the parallels between anomalous aerial phenomena found in the Bible and todays UFOs.
Twichell Jesus Book Connection David Earth Bible Order Ufos Biblical Show Email Lecture Ufo Free Archived Reality Link Area They Abductcom
21 The Curse of Lew Wallace A reflection
A reflection on Wallaces frustrating stint as governor of New Mexico, parallels with present political climate.
Sign Now People Lifestream Updated Everything Places Policy Inc Account Or Nowon Networks Read Insign Login Social
22 Standage, Tom British journalist
British journalist who also writes books on the history of science and technology, drawing parallels between modern and historical technologies.

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23 Historical Coincidence Describes some
Describes some parallels and coincidences between Lincoln and Kennedy assasinations and other historic coincidences.
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24 Historical Coincidence Describes some
Describes some parallels and coincidences between Lincoln and Kennedy assasinations and other historic coincidences.
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25 historical coincidence describes some
describes some parallels and coincidences between lincoln and kennedy assasinations and other historic coincidences.
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26 Available Light: The Galatia We Live In Draws parallels
Draws parallels and lessons for today from the cultural melting pot of Galatia in Pauls time.
27 Choose Faith Online KJV
Online KJV Bible, gospel parallels for Jesus life, reading plans, and Bible verses by topic.
Jesus Great Love Gift Statement Give Days Resurrection Soul Prayers Ministry Commandmentorg God Heart Christ Prayersof
28 Parallels: Mesoamerican and Ancient Middle Eastern Traditions A scholarly
A scholarly book detailing the influence of cultures from the Middle East on Mexico and Central America.
Printing Publishing Leading Stonecliff Printers Book Stonecliffpublishingcom Cheap Computer Custompublishing Printer Commercial Bookpublishingcard
29 Changing Ones, by Will Roscoe Pioneering gay
Pioneering gay history author explores the meaning of being queer in articles on the Native American two-spirit tradition and its parallels, queer mythology, lesbian/gay culture and history, and the connections between early Christianity and mystical homosexuality.
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30 EastWesterly Analysis of
Analysis of the movies parallels with Christianity.
Issue Annual Th Empire Skywalker Wars_ Anakin Jedi Vader Jesus Darth Christianity Jinn Dark Church
31 no wave parallels article about
article about bands outside of new york.
Webs Page Business Simple Free Made Marketing Sign Vistaprint Today Create Websites Cards Learn Brought Looks Created
32 The CastleVania Dungeon: Vampire Hunter D Parallels between
Parallels between the game and the anime.
33 Outside the Lie Outlines the
Outlines the parallels of the film with the Christian faith in an attempt to convert users.
Matrix Symbolismaction Outside Lie Webring Slightly Movie Philosophy Differentscience Christian Perspective

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34 The Matrix as Messiah Movie Site examines
Site examines the parallels between Neos character development and the life of Jesus Christ.
35 New England Film: The Chester Story Article by
Article by Ann Jackman, drawing parallels between the films main themes and the lives of the filmmakers.
Cook Williams Sirianni Chester Story Film Newenglandfilmcom Post Gypsy Years Directory North Advertise Short York Access Festival Printer Friendly Links Jobs Profile Partnersquick
36 Superman History The story
The story of Supermans origin parallels that of other cultural heroes and religious figures who were spirited away as infants from places where they were in danger.
37 all about jazz: david s. ware - corridors and parallels nils jacobsons
nils jacobsons review: 'this new effort is a fine record: a living document of an group in flux, and a stand-alone work of art.'
Jazz Website News Michael Near Event Aaj Report Jaco Releases Weather Day Downloads Musician Eblast Buy Google Bob Maciek Today
38 pitchfork: david s. ware - corridors and parallels christopher dares
christopher dares review: 'ill leave it to the listener to decide whether the good half of an album makes it worth the purchase.' rated 6.2.
Albums Tracks Pitchfork Best Lists Photo Music Interviews Guide Staff Galleries Reviews Singles Essentials Rising User Gift
39 #narnia undernet chat
undernet chat channel for discussion of the biblical parallels found in chronicles of narnia series. rules, meeting schedule, links.
Narnia Channel Undernet Chronicles Chat Cs Lewis Christian Bible Discussion Sign Guestbook Contact Welcome Thanks
40 homers odyssey portal carefully sorted
carefully sorted links to odyssey resources, with special emphasis on comparing multiple translations in parallel. subpage explores joyces ulysses parallels in detail.
41 The Ravings of a Demented Irishman: V for Vendetta Is the Best Movie Ever The parallels
The parallels between this story and what is currently manifesting in this country will chill your blood and serve, through new the opiate of the masses known as entertainment, (or edutainment, if you prefer), to open the viewers eyes to the creeping hand of facism all around them.
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42 The Taylor Hicks Experience Continues Writer Cindy
Writer Cindy Wright talks to fans about Taylor Hicks parallels to Elvis.

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