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1 Yunnan Kunyang Phosphate Fertilizer Factory Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of phosphate fertilizers and phosphate chemicals.
2 Chuanxi Xingda Chemical Plant Manufacturer specializes
Manufacturer specializes in phosphatic chemicals including sodium phosphate, phosphoric acid, ammonium phosphate and potassium phosphate.
3 Sichuan Youxin Chemical Co., Ltd. Producer of
Producer of phosphate products in China. Products include labile calcium phosphate and food-grade tricalcium phosphate, as well as the salts of boron, magnesium, zinc, aluminum, and copper.
4 Yichang Yafeng Mining Industry Co., Ltd. Company in
Company in China producing phosphate rock and fused calcium magnesium phosphate.
5 JCIG Lianhua Welfare Chemical Industry Factory Specialized producer
Specialized producer of triethyl phosphate, methyl phosphate, methyl dichloroacetate, stannous oxide, and palladium chloride.
6 CF Industries, Inc. Nitrogen, phosphate
Nitrogen, phosphate, and potash fertilizers.
Distribution Products Urea Ammonia Plants Supporting Phosphate Culture Education Environment Sales Port Careers Industries Nitrate Recognition Florida
7 GunBlack, Inc. Specializes in
Specializes in bluing, black oxide finishings, and manganese phosphate coatings.
Black Oxide Refinishing Gunblack Gunblackcom Finishing Phosphate Manganese Processed Inc Dtl Parkerize Coating Page Spec Phosphate * Read
8 Yichang Municipal Pacific Chemicals Co., Ltd. Supplier of
Supplier of rock phosphate fertilizer in China.
9 IMC Global Inc Producers of
Producers of phosphate, potash and salt with mining operations in canada and the united states.
10 IMC Global Inc Producers of
Producers of phosphate, potash and salt with mining operations in canada and the united states.
11 Dexter Chemical L.L.C. Producer of
Producer of phosphate ester surfactants for applications in coatings, emulsion polymerization, and textiles.

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12 Talent Chemical Group Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of technical and food-grade phosphoric acid and phosphate chemicals in China.
13 National Enrichment Industries Manufacturer and
Manufacturer and distributor of food grade tricalcium phosphate (TCP). Company profile, and product and contact details.
Enrichment Natural Industries Producer Tricalcium Supplyside Night Ethical Stlift Suppliers’ Advantages West Contact Thank Illinois Consumerism Tricalciumphosphate Phosphate
14 Halliburton Energy Services Inc. Water treatment
Water treatment product for removal of phosphate from water. USA.
15 Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Commercial producer
Commercial producer of nitrogen, phosphate and potash in Canada.
16 Ethox Chemicals, LLC Specialty chemical
Specialty chemical manufacturer of alkoxylates, esters and phosphate esters, amides, and amphoterics.
Ethox Chemicals Products Custom Chemical Synthesis Manufacturing Piedmont Donaldson Dooley Greenville Sperse Carolina South Has Product
17 Zhangjiagang Changyu Chemical Plant Produces triethyl
Produces triethyl phosphate, phosphorus oxychloride, dye intermediates and pharmaceutical intermediates.
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18 Ethox Chemicals, LLC Specialty manufacturer
Specialty manufacturer of alkoxylates, esters and phosphate esters, amides, and amphoterics, located in South Carolina.
Ethox Chemicals Custom Products Synthesis Manufacturing Piedmont Chemical South Dooley Greenville Sperse Carolina Donaldson Toll Has
19 environmental and power technologies ltd. provides phosphate
provides phosphate ester fluid* remediation for power generators, gas transmission companies and the us defense department.
20 Chemco inc. Chemicals for
Chemicals for phosphate removal, H2S and odour control, water clarification and colour removal, sludge dewatering. Canada.
De Sulfate Magnesium Acid Acide Chemco Et Folic Ferrique Hydroxide Folique Ferric Eaux Sulfonic Water
21 Qimingxing Phosphorus Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Engaged in
Engaged in manufacturing yellow phosphorus, phosphoric acid and fine phosphate chemicals.
22 Huaihua Jinde Ind. Co., Ltd. Producer of
Producer of manganese metal in powder and flake form, as well as manganese acetate, chloride, phosphate, and sulfate.

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23 Sichuan Shenfang Nanyang Jinshan Chemical Co., Ltd. Producer of
Producer of phosphoric acid in food and technical grades, as well as a range of phosphate salts and compound fertilizer. Located in China.
24 Ag Specialties LLC Nitrogen and
Nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers, agriculture chemical wholesale disbributors, brokers and traders. Specializing in micronutrient fertilizers. Oregon.
25 ICL Performance Products Supplier of
Supplier of phosphorus chemicals for food, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and industrial applications. Products include phosphoric acid and phosphate salts.
Icl Products Performance Water Cheese Agents Solutions Food And Cleaning Industrial Specialty Powder Sodium Treatment Cream Investment Sausages Meat Yeast Compounds
26 Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation Limited Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of fertilizers in India. Products include urea, diammonium phosphate, ammonia, sulfuric and phosphoric acid, and coproduct aluminum fluoride.
27 C H Thompson Co., Inc. Powdercoating, Anodizing
Powdercoating, Anodizing, Iridite, Screen Printing, Mil- Spec, Painting, Chem Film, Waterborne, Industrial Painting, Hardcoat, Zinc Phosphate, Masking, Quality,
28 Environmental and Power Technologies Ltd. Canada. Specializes
Canada. Specializes in manufacture and application of patented ion-exchange filter cartridges, used for the recovery and maintenance of phosphate ester fluids. Site includes detailed background technology information.
29 Jessup Engineering Inc. Manufacturers of
Manufacturers of automated metal finishing hoist and handling systems. Provides details of basket, barrel, rack, and phosphate lines. Also offers conversion of existing manual systems.
30 Tianjin Development Zone Xinda Chemical Technical Development Co.,Ltd. Produces zinc
Produces zinc chloride and sulfate, calcium carbonate and phosphate, and a range of fluorine-based toothpaste additives. Located in China.
Sodium Technical Chemical Co Zone Xinda Chloride Development Tianjin Zinc Ammonium Ltd Ltdtjxd Saccharin Contact Monosodium
31 Phosphate Fibers Book by
Book by Edward J. Griffith about the discovery, chemistry, synthesis, properties, manufacture, toxicology, and uses of calcium and sodium calcium polyphosphate fibers.
32 Calgary Powder Coatings, Inc. Custom powder
Custom powder and fusion-bonded coatings facility for the metal and glass industries. On site sandblasting and iron phosphate pretreatment.
33 Tecrys Ltd Manufacturer of
Manufacturer of nonlinear optical materials: lithium triborate (LBO), beta barium borate (BBO), cesium lithium borate (CLBO) and potassium tytanil phosphate (KTP).
Optical Crystal Nonlinear Manufacturer Beam Non Crystals Fabrication Lbo Coatings Optics Ion Borate Deposition Linear Growth Titanyl Cutting

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34 ArrMaz Custom Chemicals Makes a
Makes a variety of chemicals for use in fertilizer manufacturing, phosphate mining, and industrial minerals processing, most of which are custom formulated to fit customer applications.
Water Chemicals Fertilizer Jobs Flotation Manufacturing Agents Arrmaz Agent Anti Mobile Florida Asphalt Additives Industrial Strip Chemical Non Ionic Industrialminerals Library Cytec
35 Parts Finishing Group Performs metal
Performs metal finishing services for the automotive industry. Specializes in honing and gun drilling, deburring, phosphate coating, shot peening and blasting, paint stripping and rust removal.
36 Emdin International Corporation Manufacturers of
Manufacturers of premium quality dental products, lab stones, gypsums, waxes, casting investments, Starvest phosphate bonded crown & bridge casting investment. Worldwide availability.
Casting Investments Emdin Powered Shopping Msds Cart Login Faqs Specials News Bridge Orders Orthodontic Industrial
37 The Foundation for Agronomic Research A non-profit
A non-profit agricultural organization dedicated to agronomic research and education projects to improve the economic vigor and sustainability. Sponsored by Potash & Phosphate Institute.
38 Blue Grass Plating Co., LLC Offers a
Offers a wide variety of metal finishing services. Includes high volume zinc electroplating, electrocoating, zinc phosphate, black oxide and nickel. Serves the automotive, appliance, fastening and many other industries.
39 J&M Plating Provides plating
Provides plating and finishing services from two plants in the Rockford, Illinois area. Zinc and phosphate barrel plating and finishing services.
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40 Imperial Industries, Inc. Manufacturers and
Manufacturers and engineers of custom plastic tanks, plating equipment such as plating barrels, danglers, plastic baskets, plating tanks and phosphate processing equipment.

2. Shopping and Phosphate Trade

41 Mrs. Meyers Laundry, house
Laundry, house and pet cleaning products made with essential oils, biodegradable and phosphate-free. Ships in Canada and USA.
Household Geranium Meyers Lavender Lemon Shop Basil Verbena Bluebell Parsley Products Cleaners Apple Rosemary Honeysuckle Air Fresheners Cleaner

3. Phosphate Recreation

42 Fludarabine Phosphate ( Fludara ) Includes information
Includes information for patients, prescribers, and healthcare professionals.
43 Tamiflu Oseltamivir phosphate.
Oseltamivir phosphate. information on cold and influenza symptoms, local flu reports and FAQs.
Flu Tamiflu Information Symptoms Prescription Safety Oseltamivir Medicine Phosphate Effects Side Important People Treatment Prevention Aches * Professionals
44 PhosADD Pharmacist Hertha
Pharmacist Hertha Hafer discovered that excessive levels of phosphate in food is linked to ADD/ADHD.
Deficit Attention Disorder Drug Phosphate Hafer Hyperactivity Child Dietary Medication Difficulty Learning Hafers Free Add Hertha Established

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45 Phosphate Merck Manual
Merck Manual explains what form this mineral takes in the body, where it is contained, and why it is important. Includes information about hyperphosphatemia and hypophosphatemia.
46 eMedicine: Hypophosphatemia Thomas Mailhot
Thomas Mailhot, MD explains why phosphate is essential, physical symptoms, causes, common lab studies, treatment, medication, and follow-up care.
47 eMedicine: Hypophosphatemia Clinical article
Clinical article details what are low levels and why phosphate is important to bones, DNA, and cellular function. Includes causes, symptoms, treatment, and medications.
48 Evoclin The official
The official site for this topical treatment based on 1% clindamycin phosphate foam. Contains detailed prescribing and application information for health professionals and patients.
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49 Favism Information on
Information on this disorder, Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase enzyme deficiency. Including lists of drugs and food to avoid, medical articles, and related links.

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6. Society, Arts and Phosphate Crafts

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Phosphate Dictionary

phosphate: carbonated drink with fruit syrup and a little phosphoric acid
phosphate buffer solution / PBS: a solution containing a phosphate buffer
calcium phosphate: a phosphate of calcium, a main constituent of animal bones
nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate / NADP: a coenzyme similar to NAD and present in most living cells but serves as a reductant in different metabolic processes
phosphate / orthophosphate / inorganic phosphate: a salt of phosphoric acid
phosphocreatine / creatine phosphate / creatine phosphoric acid: an organic compound of creatine and phosphoric acid, found in the muscles of vertebrates where its hydrolysis releases energy for muscular contraction
sodium phosphate / sodium orthophosphate: phosphate of sodium, used as a laxative to cleanse the bowels
trisodium phosphate / trisodium orthophosphate / tribasic sodium phosphate: the tertiary phosphate of sodium used as a builder in soaps and detergents Reviews for Phosphate. The business hours may vary on holidays like Valentines Day, Washingtons Birthday, St. Patricks Day, Easter, Easter eve and Mothers day - Statistics: 3 SiteBook Points for "Phosphate" (visitors of this topic page). Phosphate › Reviews & Experience Experience and Review Phosphate Opening Times and Reports. Date:

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